Optimise the display of process diagrams

If you find that process diagrams do not fit neatly into your browser viewing window, you can reduce screen clutter and adjust your settings by customising your viewing preferences. You only need to do this once, and the browser will ‘remember’ the settings the next time you log in.

With a Nimbus process map open on screen:

  1. Maximise your browser. Then minimise the screen borders at the bottom and sides, so that they are not obscuring the main viewing window.  

viewer settings


2. Use ctrl+ and ctrl- to zoom in and out until the process map fits neatly and legibly into the viewing window without scrolling.

viewer settings 2

3. You can reposition the map into the centre at any time by clicking and dragging on the white background space.

Maintain your home page favourites

Maintain your home page favourites

1. Add favourites. With a process or storyboard open on screen, click the Star icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen to add it as a favourite. This creates a short cut on your home page.

homepage favourites

2. Remove favourites. Click your name in the top-right corner of the screen and choose ‘Edit Favourites’ from the drop-down menu. Select any that you wish to remove, and click ‘Remove Selected’.

Diagram to remove favourites

Subscribe to process diagrams

Subscribing to a diagram means that you will be notified when anything in the diagram changes. You can only subscribe to published diagrams that have a version status of ‘Master’.  (Diagrams with a ‘Draft’ status are still in development and not yet available for subscription.)

1. Subscribe to a diagram. With a diagram open on screen, click the ‘Subscribe’ icon in the top right corner.  If you are interested in more than one diagram within a process map, you must subscribe to each one independently.

subscribe to process diagrams

2. Unsubscribe from a diagram. Simply click the ‘subscribe’ icon again at any time, while the diagram is open on screen.

You can use your profile settings to control whether or not you wish to be notified when user feedback is added against subscribed diagrams. (See below).

Edit your profile settings

Click on your name at the top right-hand corner of the screen and choose ‘My Profile’ from the drop-down menu. The following settings are available to edit:

  • Preferred content language: this should always be set to UK English. (Do not change it to US English as this may result in missing text when viewing processes)
  • Visible Home Page Sections: to keep a clutter-free home page,switch off any sections that you do not wish to see by de-selecting the check box. 
  • Subscription Settings: if you have subscribed to any diagrams and do not wish to be notified when someone submits or responds to feedback against these, you can disable these notifications here. (You will still continue to be notified if the diagram itself changes.)

edit profile settings example