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Excellent student and staff experience; empowered staff; and integrated systems

Programme overview

The Student Information Management Programme (SIMP) aims to improve student information systems and processes for staff and students across the student lifecycle.

SIMP vision statement

We will ensure that students have a consistently excellent experience when using College systems, irrespective of stage in the student lifecycle, year or programme of study. We will empower staff through self-service visibility of high quality real-time information supported by processes. Integrated systems that provide a single source of data truth will reduce costs and duplicated management time, improve accountability and strengthen decision making, increasing responsiveness to opportunities.

For our students

"We are working hard to ensure that your self-service experience with College systems and processes is consistently excellent, irrespective of your year or programme of study. We aim to provide you with a personalised joined-up experience when interacting with staff and systems across the College, ensuring support is easily and quickly available to you when needed."


For our staff

"We want you to have access to a modular level student study view in-year and in real-time which empowers you to deliver an exceptional experience for our students. We are rolling-out Banner in stages, following periods of engagement with colleagues that interact most regularly with systems that support the student lifecycle. The new Banner system and supporting processes will empower you to make decisions based on high quality and comprehensive information."