SIMP is working to replace the College’s student records systems, but it’s about a lot more than IT – SIMP is a transformation programme that is streamlining processes to help shape service provision across the student lifecycle.

Opportunities are being identified to ensure that the change effort reflects day-to-day requirements, captures critical local provision, establishes a more consistent, effective service and provides a seamless and integrated experience.

Underpinning the work of the Programme is a benefits realisation framework. By quantifying how and when improved activities and new system capabilities across the student lifecycle will show benefit in different areas of the College, we are building desire for change and ensuring that all our collective efforts are working towards acknowledged improvements that will be adopted and embedded into services. 

Our benefits identification revolves around enhancements to the user experience through the fulfilment of the Programme vision. The following graphic of the Student Journeys highlight the identified benefits associated with the delivery outcomes over the course of the project delivery phases. 

Student Journey Benefits Map