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We are taking a College-wide approach to implementing a new student information system that is underpinned by administrative processes to support academic and student administration.

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Banner in support of the Student Record

Banner is being used to manage the definitive record of the curriculum in the form of Academic Model and Curriculum Reviewed programmes and modules for 2019/20. The timeline for Banner to support the management of the student record is January 2020. 

Curriculum management:

  • Banner will be used to manage the definitive record of the curriculum within Registry, using the data collected through the Academic Model project and Curriculum Review. Results returned in the Summer and Autumn term for 2018/19 study will be entered into OSS in the academic model format.
  • Student-facing systems, such as DSS, Celcat, Blackboard and Leganto are being set-up to reflect the definitive module titles and codes for 2019/20 study.

Student record:

  • Staff will continue to access student data using OSS and Imperial College Analytics (ICA) for dashboard reporting until December 2019 when our data migration will take place from OSS to Banner. Data will be migrated for all enrolled, waiting to enrol and withdrawn students from 1 August 2019. The Banner Student Enquiry form providing staff access to student data will be available from January 2020. ICA reports will be available for OSS student data prior to 1 August 2019, and Banner student data post 1 August 2019.
  • Students will move from using Student eService to My Imperial from Janaury 2020.


Department Change Contacts

Department contacts have been nominated to help the Programme coordinate communication and engagement regarding the changes involved with transitioning to Banner. Please advise any changes in nominees to SIMP Communications.

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty Contacts

Faculty of Natural SciencesFaculty Contacts








Faculty of Medicine

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Business SchoolFaculty Contacts

Change Workshops and Roadshows

The transition from OSS to the new College-wide Banner student system will bring about changes for staff in the way that student and curricula data is held, viewed and managed.

Department staff will experience dual manual and web-based operational administration processes across different systems as we transition to using Banner fully. Roadshows and Workshops have taken place to inform and support the change. For more information click on the relevant link below.

Change workshops coming up this Autumn term include:

  • Autumn term PG results return (September)
  • Reporting (October)
  • PGR milestones tracking (November)

Access and Training


Staff access requests for the Banner Student Enquiry Form and ICA will be collated with department contacts from November 2019.  Existing ‌ICA access will be rolled over for the Banner Reports.


Department training sessions to demonstrate the staff Banner Student Enquiry Form, ICA reports and My Imperial, the new student portal, are taking place over the coming months across campuses. Please come along to a session, there is no need to book.

The slides from the demo can be found here - Department Student Journey Demo - Nov 19