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Supporting academic and student administration to achieve the collation of high quality real-time information, together with the founding of an excellent student experience, supported by efficient administrative processes.

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The Student Journey project will establish a College-wide student information system, which will reflect the College's infrastructure, academic model, regulations and student activity. A key aim is to establish the new Banner student information system as the single source of truth for student and curriculum data, which will provide a foundation for all information systems involving student data.

Banner will reflect the College's transition to a new curriculum structure to provide a modular level student study view at the start of each academic year to help inform business and financial planning and to monitor student performance in-year and in real time. This in turn will provide an accurate overview of College teaching and research activity as well as insight and transparency on our student population.

Student Journey Overview

Student Journey January 2020

  • A College-wide approach to student administration
    • The current OSS student records system has been replaced with the Banner student information system to create and maintain student information
    • Active student data as at 1 August 2019 has been migrated into Banner
  • College-wide provision of single source of data truth
    • Integrations to downstream systems are receiving student and programme data from Banner as the source of truth
    • Provision of a data federation to local systems
    • Staff have access to Banner data reports via Imperial College Analytics
    • Departmental staff have access to the Banner Student Enquiry form
  • College transition to modular student study
    • Departmental staff will have access to a searchable module catalogue (coming July 2020)
    • Department staff manage module registrations changes directly in Banner (coming July 2020)
  • Enhanced student self service experience
    • Student self service College registration and enrolment to programmes and core modules using My Imperial
    • Student access to their information and official documentation using My Imperial
  • Visa compliance services
  • Submission of regulatory data to meet statutory reporting requirements and external stakeholder data needs

Student Journey 2020 and 2021

  • Enhanced student self service experience
    • PGR milestones tracking
    • Emergency contact consent
    • Student change of status request
    • Enhanced capability using My Imperial
    • Student self-service module registrations
  • College-wide provision of a single source of data truth
    • Integrations to downstream systems will receive module data from Banner as the source of truth
    • Staff dashboards
    • Publication of programme catalogue
    • Online programme specifications
  • A College-wide approach to student administration
    • College-wide provision for management of exam, assessment and progression data
  • Graduation management