students in the quad

An ehanced student records system providing greater visibility of student information to support real-time queries and decreasing duplicate data source management through a single source of truth.

Banner is being used to manage the definitive record for:

  • The management of applications (live in September 2018).
  • The College curriculum in the form of Academic Model and Curriculum Reviewed Programmes and Modules (live in May 2019).
  • The management of student records and documents (live in January 2020).

Banner and its associated systems are available from the staff view of My Imperial. Training, support materials and access information is available from the Registry Student Systems wepbages.

Student Records Management - Banner Student Enquiry Form

Staff access to Banner is to an administrative focused read-only form that provides core information in each student in a one-page view. The form enables drill-down for further detail and includes information such as:

  • Person information including name, email, gender, date of birth
  • Programme and Programme status
  • Student record information including year of Programme, Level, Faculty and Department
  • Progression information
  • Interruption of studies
  • Modules
  • Degree outcomes
  • Research information including Milestones, Supervisors and Thesis Title.

Training guidance and access details are available.

Reporting on student data - Imperial College Analytics (ICA) Banner Dashboard

The Imperial College Analytics (ICA) Banner Interim Dashboard contains reports on data about student cohorts for all students who were enrolled with the College as at 1 August 2019. Data on historic students (awarded or withdrawn prior to 1 August 2019) can be obtained from the Historic student report. Filters enable you to narrow the reports data to only that which you require, and to download for local manipulation if required. Reports data is updated overnight.

Training guidance and access details are available.

Banner Module Catalogue

The Banner Module Catalogue provides a means to look-up module details in an easy-to-read format. The Module Catalogue can be searched by Subject, Module Title, Module Code, Faculty, Department or a combination of. The Search results page will display the modules returned and the information about the module held in Banner. To accompany the Banner Module Catalogue, a set of complementary Imperial College Analytics (ICA) Curriculum-related reports are available for more extensive analysis.

Training guidance and access details are available.

Banner Student Module Registrations Management

Department Administrators can manage changes to student module registrations in Banner using Banner Module Registrations Management. Students are registered for their core modules in Banner by Student Records following student programme enrolment. Student elective module choices can be entered directly into Banner by departements or returned to Student Records for bulk upload. A Banner to partner system (BlackBoard, Panopto and MS Teams) auto data integration transfers module registration changes made directly into Banner to these systems as a real-time refresh.

Training guidance and access details are available.

Postgraduate Research (PGR) Milestones

The postgraduate research (PGR) milestones process has started to be managed in My Imperial, with the digitisation of Exam Entry and Thesis Submission significantly reducing the administrative burden associated with these two milestones. Highlights include:

  • Students upload and submit their exam entry form, thesis declaration form and thesis online, as well as view up-to-date information about their ESA, LSR and Viva Examination milestone status whilst paper forms continue to be used to support these processes.
  • Supervisors and Director of Postgraduate Studies (DPS) view and complete their exam entry form and thesis submission actions online, with auto notifications of when actions are due, as well as view information about their students, including name, milestone progress and department information.
  • Postgraduate Administrators (PGA) have an online overview of all their PGR students and their status in the milestones process, decreasing duplicate data store management and email.
  • Examiners now receive a digital copy of the thesis.

Training guidance and access details are available.