Student Journey Project

About the project

What is the project aiming to achieve?

A College-wide approach to supporting academic and student administration. This is with the aim to achieve the collation of high quality real-time information, together with the founding of a frictionless and consistent student experience.

How is this project different to an IT system replacement?

Unlike OSS, our current student record system, the new Banner system is being designed to reflect the College’s infrastructure, its academic model, its regulations and student activity over time. A key aim is to establish Banner as a College single source of truth for student and curriculum data and which will provide a foundation for all information systems involving student data.

A dynamic system supported by efficient administrative processes is essential for the College to be able to respond to higher education sector change as well as regulatory compliance that requires real-time continuous and detailed modular data submissions that inform teaching and research supervision funding.

What does this mean for 2019/20?

Banner will replace OSS and provide the means by which a shared source of programme and student information can be trusted to provide the most accurate and up-to-date picture of all students at all stages of their progression.  Banner will generate statutory, regulatory and operational data in the most effective way, providing insight to support decision-making.

Department staff will have access to Banner using the Student Enquiry Form, which provides a single-page view of the student record on a by-student basis. Reporting will be provided through Imperial College Analytics (ICA). Students will move from using Student e-Service to My Imperial, the new student portal. Department module registration management in Banner will follow.

Will processes be more streamlined?

Business processes will change to a more efficient way of working as we transition to Banner to ensure that the new student information system remains the single source of truth for curriculum and student activity. Initially, staff will experience dual manual and web-based operational administration processes as we transition to using Banner fully over the coming academic years to manage students on old and new curricula and across different systems.

Are there other universities who are using this system in the same way that we intend to?

Yes, Banner is a widely used system in higher education.

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar deadlines

Who can I speak to about the Academic Calendar?

Departments may contact their Faculty Quality Assurance and Enhancement Committee QAEC Faculty representative. 

How much flexibility is there for the Calendar deadlines?

The 2018/19 Academic Calendar dates were a guide to inform the schedule for the 2019/20 academic year. The 2019/20 Academic Calendar dates should be adhered to. Please contact your QAEC Faculty representative if you have any concerns.

How does the Academic Calendar relate to non-standard programme deadlines?

The Academic Calendar dates and core deadlines vary for non-standard cycles on a case-by-case basis.  


Curriculum management

How will Banner support the curriculum structure?

The new Banner system will reflect the College’s transition to a modular curriculum structure to provide a greater level of detail at programme, module, assessment and student activity throughout the academic year than has previously been possible. This in turn will provision an accurate overview of College teaching and research activity as well as insight and transparency on our student population.

Can we report modular data before we have completed Curriculum Review?

To report the data required in modular format and to time, the College is introducing modules agreed through the Academic Model for 2019/20 whilst undertaking a Curriculum Review. Continuing students on the existing curricula will be recorded in Banner on the modules agreed through the Academic Model. As the College achieves modularisation through Curriculum Review and the writing of its Academic Regulations, these will be embedded in Banner on a year-by-year basis.

What does this mean for 2019/20?

The foundations of the curriculum and student data structures will be built in Banner. Taught activity will be reflected in a modular way with administrative processes to support the management of student registration on modules and module changes for 2019/20 study in defined start and end date teaching periods. Module selection for students for the 2019/20 academic year will be allocated via department local systems and processes. Departments will be requested to provide module selections to Registry to be entered into Banner in Sprint term 2020, with module changes managed directly in Banner by departmental staff. Student module choice self-selection using Banner will follow from year 2 of Curriculum Review.

How will changes to the Academic Model curriculum be captured?

Changes will be captured in the current way through the Minor and Major modifications process with the same timelines.

If we want to do a major modification, do we propose it now or through Curriculum Review if we want the change to come in 2020?

These should be proposed through Curriculum Review for undergraduate programmes and PGT programmes going through prior to this date. If a programme is not expected to be going through this process until a later date e.g. 2021 or 2022, then this will need to be done via the normal modifications procedure.

Will extra-curricular information be stored in Banner?

From 2019/20 we will be including 'extra-credit' and 'non-assessed' modules in Banner alongside the modules formally included in a student's programme. This will apply to i-explore modules as well a additional modules undertaken within a department (e.g. where students attend additional modules on a non-assessed basis). In 2019/20 we will also capture details of some other extra-curricular activity including UROP, IROP and pre-sessional English. Longer term we are also intending to include Graduate School Professional Skills Classes in Banner and are happy to discuss including relevant extra-curricular or co-curricular activities identified by departments at this stage.

Are non-credit bearing short courses included in Banner?

In the first year the only short courses which will be included in Banner will be those which are already listed in OSS. We will look to include all short courses in Banner through Phases 2 and 3 of the project.

Will UKVI attendance monitoring change in Banner?

Not for Phase 1. Departments will still manage the ten points of contact using department systems. Banner will provide support to the Registry visa compliance team.

How will interruptions be managed?

This will be the same process as now, reporting to Registry who will manage record updates.

How will marks be managed in Banner?

For this year the results return process remains the same, but in the Academic Model format. Analysis for marks upload in Phase 3 will be taking place during 2020.

What is the appropriate level of granularity of assessment in Banner?

We are currently completing analysis on the assessment descriptions and will develop a proposal regarding the level of granularity required for discussion via QAEC and faculty teaching committees.

Can we void an assessment?

For the current curriculum this will be managed within the department in the same way as presently. For new curriculum, post Curriculum Review, this will be based on the regulations which provide discretionary powers for an exam board in agreed cases of mitigating circumstances.

Can the system calculate total marks from the modules and credits?

For Phase 1, Programme and Year totals will be displayed in Banner via the results return process. Phase 3 will introduce assessment management.

Can I see marks that have changed due to mitigating circumstances etc?

Staff will be able to view grade changes via the modules tab in the Banner Student Enquiry Form which will display current grades and ones entered from mitigating circumstances.

Will Banner allow a module to be passed if the Department agrees progression for a grade below 40?

Yes. Banner does not currently contain progression pass logic.

Will students continue to use Blackboard for assessments?

We are intending to enable marks-entry at an assessment level from Phase 3.

How will it work for a student who takes 10 classes but is only assessed on 8 from a Banner and Celcat point of view?

There will be a number of different registration types within Banner including 'for credit', 'extra credit' and 'non-assessed' scenarios. All modules would therefore appear against the student's record in Banner. An integration with Celcat is planned in advance of the creation of the 2020/21 timetable. This would enable Celcat to identify all students studying a module regardless of their registration type.

How does Study Path, Programme, Study Year, Academic Term and Module all relate to each other and the student?

A student is assigned a study path for their period of registration and their programme is attached to this study path. If a student transfers programme, the new programme will also be attached to the same study path. For each year of their registration a student will be assigned a study year and will be registered on the relevant modules. A student will have multiple study paths if they complete multiple periods of registration, for example if they study both a UG and PG degree at the College.


Banner data to other student systems

Can data be pushed and pulled electronically from Banner?

An identified list of systems will receive data electronically pushed from Banner via a data integration. Data will be available to department own systems from Banner electronically via the Data Federation to a department developed API.

A lot of coursework goes through Blackboard. How will this assessment information integrate with Banner?

This will be analysed for Phase 3.

How will modules appear in Blackboard?

Module code, module title, year: SURG97063 - Developing Educational Supervisors and Design Project 2019-2020

Will Banner integrate with Celcat?

Not at a modular level for Phase 1. The extent of the integration and agreement on group structures is being discussed with the Timetabling team for Phase 2.

What do I do if I need to set up a new module in Celcat?

As per current process, please raise an ASK ticket request with Timetabling including the academic model module code and long title. If the code has not yet been applied due to the modifications process, Timetabling can set the module up with a temporary code and replace this once you provide it.

Will DSS be switched off when Banner goes live?

DSS will continue until all department use of DSS is either replicated in Banner or another agreed system.

DSS is used for module selection choices by students and for course descriptions to BlackBoard. Will Banner overwrite DSS?

There is currently no planned integration from Banner to DSS at a modular level. DSS is being updated with academic model module titles and codes for 2019/20 to ensure visual consistency for students.

What is the integration from Starfish for attendance monitoring?

Use of Starfish will remain the same for 2019/20.

Will Banner manage student welfare?

Banner will manage interruptions and holds but not pastoral support in Phase 1. This activity will continue in Starfish and other department systems. Starfish will have an integration with Banner.

The medicine database has significant functionality which we do not want to lose. Will this be considered?

We will work with your department nominee so that you are able to pull data to your department system to ensure Banner is the source of truth where appropriate. The long term intention is for Banner to replace local systems when you are confident that the functionality is in place.

Will there be interfaces with pre-applicant activity for recruitment and outreach?

ICT is in discussion with recruitment and outreach regarding an integration to Data Harvest.

What data is being integrated to other systems, including Celcat, Leganto and Panopto?

These core systems will display a consistent definitive long Module title and Module Code. The systems integrate via the CRN.term unique Banner code.

Module Management

Managing modules and codes

Will there be fixed deadlines for module selection return?

For 2019/20 we will be requesting one module selections return in Spring 2020. Individual module selection changes can then be made by the department in Banner. A bulk change facility will be available via the Registry Student Records team.

How will we manage students enrolled on curriculum modules but also attending other extra credit modules?

Students will be registered on a module as either for "credit", "extra credit" or "not for credit".

Where can I find information on which modules a student is registered on?

Information will be available on a student by student basis in the Student Enquiry Form and for cohorts via Imperial College Analytics (ICA) reports.

How will non-credit bearing modules be managed?

They will be entered into the system with a not-for-credit status.

What flexibility is there for exchange students to select across modules?

This remains as-is this year, managed by departments. We need to assess for the Banner student module selection process how selections are made and how early this can take place for a later phase of the project.

DSS manages enrolment on courses in Blackboard and Panopto. Will this continue?

There is no planned integration from Banner to DSS at a modular level. Department use of DSS for electives remain as-is for this year.

Will caps be introduced for module number management?

As part of Phase 2 we will be undertaking analysis of module selection processes. We are aware that departments will need to be able to put a cap on the number of students who can select a specific module and we will deliver a solution that enables this.

Will Banner have algorithms/logic for module selections so that credit calculation and which modules can be selected can be managed more effectively?

This is the intention for Phase 3.

How do we manage students who change a module which has already been taught, and do their learning via catch up and self study?

The module would be assigned to the student and we would make the module they're dropping not for credit.

How is progression managed?

For this year departments will calculate locally and return to Registry for upload at a modular level. For Curriculum Review we will bring in functionality to manage progression at a later Phase.

What will be shown if a module runs more than once across an academic year?

There will be two specific instances of the module in Banner but students will be registered on the one in the relevant term on which they enrol.

How are module selection timings managed for programmes that have non-standard start dates?

Module selection windows should be based on the Academic Calendar. Timings for programmes with non standard start dates will be adjusted accordingly but will follow the same cycle.

Do the statuses show where a student has done distance learning or a module online as opposed to face to face?

Each module in Banner is assigned an instructional method which is either 'campus based', 'placement learning', 'fieldwork' or 'online'.

Will stand alone modules be recorded in Banner?

As per regulations, stand alone modules are termed short courses. Phase 2 of the Programme will look to include short courses in Banner.



Will student CID, username, legal and preferred name be displayed on reports?

We are intending that all relevant reports will begin with these fields.

Can I access a student-led module-by-module report, particularly useful for ECTS credit checking?

Yes, this will be included in the report set.

Will there be an awards list report?

There will be a report available in ICA which shows details of awards.

Can the reports data be extracted from ICA?

Yes. Reports data can be exported for manipulation.

Can the Student Status Report contain more detail on interruption as opposed to just the status?

A means to provide more detailed IOS information is being looked at.

When is the degree outcomes field populated?

The degree outcome will be recorded as ‘sought’ until awarded. The associated classification will remain empty until that point.

Which report shows Graduate School courses PGR students have completed?

The Module Outcomes Result report will list PGR modules in the same way as PGT.

What is the refresh time on reports?


Will there be a report for PGR students listing funding bursaries and student fees?

Not for January as this information is not held in Banner. Work is ongoing for 2020.

Will I still have access to reports created for OSS data?

Existing reports will still be accessible for historical student data prior to 1 August 2019 migration.

Can I save my report filters?

Yes. Use the Save Current Customization option.

Can the Module Registrations report have a summary to say how many students are enrolled on each module?

Currently being assessed.

Departments have accreditation bodies that need data. How can we report out to these bodies?

Please assess the Banner report data fields to ensure that you can access the information that you need and contact the External Returns team if you identify any gaps.

Will I be able to create my own dashboards and reports within ICA?

For January there is no super-user access. Requests for additional reports should be emailed to the Student External returns team. User creation of dashboards is being restored within the full reporting solution to be delivered later in 2020.

Can I create graphs within ICA from the interim reports?

This is not possible in ICA for the interim reports. This will be considered within the full reporting solution.

Can Banner data be directly linked to utilise Power BI capabilities for reporting?

This will be assessed for the full reporting solution.

Can a Banner and Celcat integration pull data together into a teaching load report?

As part of Phase 3, we will be undertaking analysis of teaching load reporting to identify whether this information can be pulled together from existing sources of data.

How will I be able to report on comparison OSS and Banner years past data? E.g. PHD students over last 5 years

Currently being assessed.

Current ICA Dashboards show pivot data on topics such as progression and gender. Will the Banner data be integrated with the strategic dashboards for trend data across multiple years?

Currently being assessed.

Staff using systems

About Banner data

What are the benefits of having full student and curriculum data in Banner?

This will enable us to establish a single source of truth over the phases of the project that will:

  1. Ensure the structure of the programme within the system reflects the reality of the curriculum structure
  2. Provide the level of detail necessary for departments to undergo Curriculum Review
  3. Meet legislation and CMA guidance relating to the provision of information for students
  4. Enable improved and timely operational and strategic reporting
  5. Ensure consistent and improved timetable, transcript and handbook information
  6. Allow more efficient timetabling and use of resources
  7. Enable improved management information e.g. class lists
  8. Improve the student experience through a consistent and visible module selection process detailing the required core modules and options available; and visible assessment expectations leading to a better understanding of expected workload
  9. Enable electronic programme specification and programme information to be published from within Banner to the College’s website.

Does Banner only operate in Firefox?

Firefox is the preferred browser however Banner will operate across all platforms.

Will Banner data be available for other systems?

Banner will be integrated with the following systems: Starfish; Departmental Student System (DSS)/Horizons; Timetabling (Celcat); BlackBoard (VLE); InPlace (student work placements); COURSERA (School of Public Health VLE); ICIS; Identity Management (SoV); Security Access Control System (SACS); Disability (Maximiser); Student Accommodation Office (KX); Occupational Health System (OPAS); Target Connect (JobsLive Careers); Student Union database.

A data federation to department systems will be available.

Will all student data transfer to Banner?

A data migration exercise will take place to migrate all current student data post 1 August 2019 into Banner. Students will have all their marks entered into Banner including resits. Historic student data will be available by reports from ICA.

When will OSS be closed off?

OSS will cease to be the definitive record for student information from December 2019 when our data migration freeze is due to start.

Can the Banner implementation be used as an opportunity to rationalise distribution lists?

Yes. Once students against modules have been loaded into Banner, class and distribution lists will be available. This will be part of Phase 2 in 2020.

What will staff be able to access in Banner?

Staff will have read-only access to the Banner Student Enquiry form, which brings together student, programme and module information from across different Banner tables, Module Registrations management and Reporting data sets through ICA. We will be assessing other staff role views (e.g. academic) of student data for Phase 2.

What is the direction of travel for departments to be able to update data into Banner? 

It is the intention for departments to update data directly into Banner over the coming phases. This will start with module elective changes in 2019/20.

Can we have more than one user make module registrations changes in Banner?

Yes. The role definition will be shared with departments which will help determine who the most appropriate person/people are to take on this role.

How long does it take for data updated in My Imperial to change in Banner?

Data is refreshed from My Imperial to Banner in real-time and will be visible to staff using the Banner Student Enquiry Form.

How do I manage student change of circumstances?

For now, amendments are notified to Student Records as per current process. 

Where do I see the date of a programme transfer?

This is displayed in the Banner Student Enquiry Form, General Student record, Curricula Update tab.

Will staff be able to see that a student has uploaded their photograph?

No, not in the Student Enquiry Form for Phase 1, however this is being considered for Phase 2. For departments using DSS, ID photo notification remains as is from the security/ID system.

Does the Banner Student Enquiry form show information about research funding, bursaries and fees information?

No it does not. This will be assessed in Phase 2.

Can you see marks that have changed due to mitigating circumstances etc?

No, only the latest mark is displayed.

How will the mark checking period affect results return to students?

The checking deadline and day of release of marks to students will be agreed with departments. Once marks are confirmed for release, results will appear to the student in My Imperial Student Record at 10am the next day, Tuesday – Friday to ensure College support is always available.

Will there be published module information?

For 2019/20 study we will publish the curriculum into the Banner module catalogue for staff to search, and through an ICA report.

When will Curriculum Reviewed programmes go into Banner?

Curriculum Reviewed programmes will be entered into Banner as they come through Programmes Committee for the start of the 2019/20 academic year.

Will the Programme be engaging with accrediting bodies?

We are not engaging directly with accrediting bodies, however we are assessing reports in ICA to enable departments to produce submissions more easily.

How will non-standard programmes and summer activity be displayed in Banner?

Banner terms are periods of time which broadly correlate to the College’s academic terms but they are not the same. Summer months are covered in term XXXX30.

Can you have more than one student instance on a programme? Eg if a visiting student visits one year and then returns, or if research students change topics?

Students can be on different study paths if the progression outcomes of these differ.

How are students returning from interruption managed in the system following curriculum review?

This will be managed on a student by student basis depending on the differences between the current and new curriculum.

What is meant by "degree comments"?

These are comments that have been allocated to the student and placed into Banner from the department

Will there be an archive of previous T&Cs that students can view?

Yes, via

Can the Banner implementation be used as an opportunity to manage distribution lists?

Yes, from January modules will have been loaded into Banner and part of Phase 2 is to explore how distribution lists can be made available.

How will we be able to tell which instance the code refers to in Blackboard? (i.e. if we are looking at 2017, 2018 or 2019 material)?

Modules will be assigned by term which in Banner is the 2019/20 year. Each module has a module code. Where the module code has been duplicated (due to differences in FHEQ level etc) modules will be cross listed. This means in Blackboard cross listed modules will be shown as children within a parent group.

What will be on transcripts this year?

The definitive long title will be printed on student transcripts.

Can the student enquiry form display % of funding next to % of supervisor?

Funding display will be considered for the Banner Student Enquiry Form as a development update.

Students using systems

My Imperial

Who will inform students about the change from eService to My Imperial?

Registry will start to communicate with students in November about using My Imperial from January.

What will students see for results in My Imperial?

My Imperial displays module titles, mark and module grade using the My Student Record tile.

Is there an auto email to students to confirm changes have been made on their record?

Not at present. This will be assessed for Phase 2. Students will see any changes made to their Banner record in My Imperial the next day through the overnight data refresh.

How long does it take for data updated in My Imperial to change in Banner?

Data is refreshed from My Imperial to Banner in real-time and will be visible to staff using the Banner Student Enquiry Form.

Will students continue to use Blackboard for assessments?

Yes. We are intending to enable Banner marks-entry at an assessment level during Phase 3 of the project (2021).

Will it be mandatory for students to upload their photo for their ID card?

Photo upload will not be mandatory due to the concern for holding up enrolment, which has an impact on bursary/scholarship payments and insurance. We will improve the communication with students regarding photo upload to ensure this facility is used.

Can students change their ID photo in My Imperial once it has been approved?

No, for now they would need to go the Security Office, as they do currently.

Can we make students pre-register for alumni as part of My Certificate Address? E.g. tick a box to say they want to join and capture an email address?

This will be looked at for Phase 2 in 2020.

What programmes are occasional students enrolled on?

All students will be enrolled in Banner, however, we are currently reviewing the programme list to ensure that suitable programmes are available for students of all types, including incoming exchange students, short course delegates and visiting students.

What will be on transcripts this year?

The agreed Academic Model module titles will be printed on student transcripts, not module codes.

How do students requests transcripts and other letters?

A My Imperial tile will enable students to request transcripts and letters both digitally and printed.

How is ATAS managed in My Imperial?

For applicants, ATAS is managed during the admissions process within the applications management system before an applicant becomes Unconditional Firm and a CAS is processed. For internal transfers, processes are in place to check with the Visa Compliance team before processing the transfer. If ATAS is required for the new programme, then an ATAS hold is placed on the Banner student record. Documentation and information confirming ATAS clearance will be managed via correspondence between Admissions, Visa Compliance and the student. Enrolment will be blocked to the new programme and it will not be accessible via My Imperial until this hold has been cleared.

Can one telephone number be made mandatory in My Imperial for pastoral support reasons?

Yes. A primary number is captured at admission and passed to Banner. The primary number is displayed in the My Imperial online enrolment and the student is expected to verify this. We will make this field mandatory if a number is missing. 

Can Student's load more than one address?

Yes they can place both a term time address and a home address which can be used for correspondence.

Do the My Imperial tiles only show if Students require them?

Yes, for example for My Passport, My Visa and My CAS tiles are only displayed to student requiring a visa.

On My Imperial should a Student fail to complete a section will an error appear?

Yes, and they will not be able to save their unless this section is completed.