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Summary of projects for 2020 onwards

Programme overview

SIMP is a multi-year phased implementation programme, which aims to ensure that maximum benefit is gained from Banner to underpin processes to support academic and student lifecycle administration.

A College-wide strategic view of student administration is being taken with Faculty Programme governance members in order to define the SIMP delivery roadmap. Central to the discussions are consideration for strategic alignment, resource availability, benefits and the College’s capacity to absorb the identified change.

With the advent of COVID-19, the scope of the Programme’s agreed set of prioritised College requirements has not changed, however, we are working with the Silver Incident Management Group to review delivery to ensure best use of resources and recognising wider ICT priorities for the College response. Our current planning for the delivery of College-wide prioritised projects is outlined as follows:

2020 Projects including HESA, PGR Milestones, Digital certificates, Module Data Integration, Module Registration Management and Module Catalogue are all liveProposed projects for 2021 including Emergency contact consent, Digital certificates for alumni, interruption of studies, Management information, Marks Entry, Staff DAshboard, My Imperial STudent Portal, PGR Milestones including ESA, LSR and Viva, GRaduation and STudent status redefinition