students in the quad

An ehanced student records system providing greater visibility of student information to support real-time queries and decreasing duplicate data source management through a single source of truth.

Staff access to Banner from January 2020 (Phase 1) will be to an administrative focused read-only form that will provide core information in each student in a one-page view. The form will enable drill-down to underlying forms for further detail.

This view includes information such as:

  • Person information including name, email, gender, date of birth
  • Programme and Programme status
  • Student record information including year of Programme, Level, Faculty and Department
  • Progression information
  • Interruption of studies
  • Modules
  • Degree outcomes
  • Research information including Milestones, Supervisors and Thesis Title.

The Banner Student Enquiry Form increases staff visibility of student information relevant to your role. Imperial College Analytics (ICA) will continue to be the reporting tool used to access student cohort data held in Banner.

Access a view of the Student enquiry page ‌‌or watch a short video highlighting its key features.

An overview of the Student enquiry page for familiarization purposes and to facilitate student enquiries.

Student Enquiry form

An overview of the Student Enquiry form for familiarisation purposes.

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