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Streamlining the way that people find, request and book rooms that are primarily used for teaching and events, in order to improve the experience for both those wanting to use the rooms and the room owners.

Phase 3 content


  • Those organising meetings will be able to search for available rooms across College that meet their needs, find out more about each of the rooms, and follow a standard process to request them.
  • Room owners will receive requests, only if the room was available, in a standard format with all the information needed to approve or decline.  A standard process will then be followed to create bookings. 
  • Room users will follow documented etiquette for use of teaching rooms
  • Room owners will have a process for reporting breaches.


Current processes are frustrating and time consuming:

  • For meeting organisers, it seems there must be empty rooms around College that could be used but it’s very difficult to find out what they are, who owns them, who to contact and how to make a request.  And it’s different for every room.
  • When a request is made, room owners find they have to email back and forth several times to get all the information they need.  The onus is on them to determine whether the room is available and suitable for the meeting organiser and then create or update the booking in the system.



  • All campuses.
  • Rooms that are suitable for ad hoc bookings such as meetings, workshops, staff training, interviews, presentations, etc. when they are not being used for teaching or events. This will include classrooms, lecture theatres, computer rooms and meeting rooms.
  • Rooms that are currently bookable in the timetabling and/or events booking systems.
  • Out of scope - specialist labs or other specialist spaces.

The recommencement of phase 3 of the project was approved by the Operations Committee in December 2021, following a pause due to the pandemic. There will be four key workstreams of activity.

WorkstreamObjective / benefitKey activities
SALC rooms Simplify and make transparent the ‘priority bookers’ process, significantly reducing effort and improving space utilisation. 
Introduce a simple booking process and tool for all College staff in order to be able to retire WRB(end-of-life).
Designation of SALC rooms as meeting or teaching.
Introduction of new process for priority booking of the SALC rooms.
Introduction of Celcat Room Booker so that WRB can be retired (see work stream 4 below).
Planon meeting rooms Increase the number of easily bookable meeting rooms in Planon, in order to continue standardising the finding and booking of meeting space and to decommission superfluous room booking systems. Investigate 70+ potential meeting rooms identified across campuses.  Work with depts to add these into Planon (or suitable alternative).
Room Inventory   
Ensure Planon is a central repository for all room inventory data that users can rely on to find suitable rooms and inform room users, that is easily maintained by room owners.
Undertake work to develop and embed BAU processes to improve data quality and maintain this for the long-term.
Celcat Room Booker Introduce a simple, user-friendly tool for finding and requesting teaching space for ad hoc use, reducing effort for room bookers and room owners.  
Configure and test tool, design booking process/rules and deploy to College staff.
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