CELCAT Room Booker workstream - Phase 3

Finding and requesting suitable rooms for ad hoc non-teaching activity such as meetings and workshops is currently extremely difficult and time consuming.


The aim of this workstream is to introduce a simple, user-friendly tool for finding and requesting teaching space for ad hoc use, reducing effort for room bookers and room owners.



For staff looking for a room for non-teaching activity:

A place to search for suitable, available space

A quick, standard method for requesting an available room

Automated email confirmations

No need to track down a list of rooms and their managers

Casual room bookers will no longer need to receive training to use CELCAT

No need to request access to use the system

A simple, intuitive web-based interface

For staff who manage rooms:

They will receive an email request only if the room is free

The request will include all the information required to make a decision, in an easy to review format

They will be able to accept or reject a request quickly and easily

Staff will no longer need to set up accounts manually for CELCAT access

An automated feed will maintain requester rights for all staff

Phased implementation

  • From 5 September, spaces managed by the Central Timetabling Support Office (CTSO) will be available to book.  This includes the Seminar and Learning Centre (SALC) rooms, Chemistry Level 6 rooms in South Kensington and 2 rooms in Roderic Hill, South Kensington.
  • Following a brief trial period, departments that have requested to be early adopters of the system will add their rooms to the pool.
  • Departments may then choose to add their rooms at any time and can choose which rooms to include.  This is entirely voluntary.
  • Departments will approve or reject all requests for their rooms.

Staff looking for rooms using CELCAT Room Booker will automatically see additional rooms in their search results as they are added.  A user guide will be published and available on the Central Timetabling and Room Booking websites.

Early adopter departments are being identified through the Timetabling User Group and regular catch-ups between timetablers and CTSO team members.  Room moderators, who accept or reject requests, will be offered training.

Further information for departments that want to add rooms will be available from the Central Timetabling website in September.

Etiquette for the booking and use of teaching spaces

Etiquette for room booking and room use will be developed in consultation with departmental timetablers.  A call for volunteers and the details of timing and effort required will be communicated through the Timetabling User Group.


Please email CTSO if you have any questions about this workstream.