SALC Rooms workstream - Phase 3

The Seminar and Learning Centre (SALC) rooms

  • Level 5, Sherfield Building, South Kensington Campus
  • All rooms are currently booked using a self-service web based tool called WRB which is no longer supported.  
  • Before the rooms are made available to book across College each academic year, there are a number of teams that deliver essential training which have priority booking privileges, and enter their bookings in a flurry when the window opens for them.  Each team enters their own bookings, without visibility of the other requirements competing for the space during this period.

Objectives and deliverables:

Simplify and make transparent the 'priority bookers' process, significantly reducing effort and improving space utilisation.

  • The priority activities have been reviewed and criteria agreed for what is included and excluded for priority booking.
  • Room requirements for priority bookings are now sent to CTSO who create the bookings in Celcat and assign rooms.  
  • Priority bookers are now able to amend their bookings in Celcat, rather than requiring the Internal Events team to make changes on their behalf.

Introduce a simple booking process and tool for all College staff in order to be able to retire WRB.

  • SALC 3 and 4 have been designated as meeting rooms and are now available to book using Planon/Outlook.
  • Management of the SALC rooms has moved from Campus Services to the Central Timetabling Support Office.
  • The remaining SALC rooms will be bookable using CELCAT Room Booker in the initial implementation of that tool.  See the CELCAT Room Booker page for more information.