As part of the development of the project business case, two key benefits were identified, along with additional indirect benefits for the College.

Benefit/ Desired End State

Current State


1) A single source of truth for shared-space, which enables cross-College management and planning. 

  • 13 known systems/ room request tools  to locate and request c.350 shared spaces.

  • PA & Admin Network Survey: Currently 71% of respondents disagree with the statement “I can access all the rooms shared in College and know how to book them”.

  • Single source of truth:
    • 1 mechanism to locate and request c.389 shared spaces.
    • 3 systems which hold bookings.
  • At least 80% of survey respondents will agree that they can access all the rooms shared in College and know how to book them.

2)Time savings, particularly for staff whose job regularly involves booking rooms.

  • PA & Admin Network Survey: Currently, the average member of the network spends around 17 hours/week on making indirect room bookings.
  • ‘Voice of’ pain points (200 comments categorised into 12 key categories.)
  • Sherfield Room Booking Study survey comments
  • Reduce by at least 50% the effort associated with room booking:
    • Reduce time spent on room bookings to 8.5 hours/week.
    • Reduce anecdotal feedback regarding ‘pain points’ in system.
Indirect benefits:

A single source of truth will indirectly unlock the potential to:

  • Re-purpose College space for the benefit of the academic mission
  • Avoid costs associated with hiring external spaces

Progress to date

Benefits measures were taken at the conclusion of phases 1 and 2 of the project, which are detailed in the Room Booking P1&2 Benefits Report.