New System for Casual Work Management


The aims of the enhanced operating model for casual work are:

  • to reduce compliance risk by ensuring that work does not commence before Right To Work (RTW) checks are complete or after RTW expiry, and that hours worked do not exceed visa restrictions where applicable,
  • to improve and standardise the process for workers and staff.


A college-wide system will be implemented that is composed of two web-based apps.

Casual Work Management app (for staff)

  • Hiring department staff add work requirements and trigger the onboarding of new workers
  • Casual Worker Team make the requirements ready for timesheet after onboarding workers
  • Hiring department staff approve timesheets submitted by workers
  • Payroll team extract approved timesheets for monthly payroll

Casual Worker Timesheet app (for workers)

  • Workers submit timesheets
  • Workers view the status of previously submitted timesheets

Preparing for the new system

See the EOM Preparation page for information for departments preparing to deploy the new system.

Target implementation dates

Implementation will be in three waves in 2022.  Wave 1 departments target 21 Feb.  Wave 2 departments target 4 Apr.  Wave 3, all remaining departments, target 23 May.

DepartmentTarget date
 Department of Computing  21 Feb 22
 Department of Physics   21 Feb 22
 Department of Surgery and Cancer  21 Feb 22
 Student Recruitment and Outreach  21 Feb 22
 Business School  4 Apr 22
 Department of Mathematics   4 Apr 22
 Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication  4 Apr 22
 All other departments   23 May 22
Target implementaion dates

Implications for workers

Workers should submit their timesheets for all work prior to the implementation date as soon as possible, but no later than one month after the implementation.  Submit these timesheets using the the existing processes.

Timesheets for work completed from the implementation date must go through the new app for payment.  Workers will receive instructions from their department at least a week before.  If you have not received a notice from your department, please email

Implications for Managers

All timesheets for work completed from the implementation date will be approved via the new app.  Managers may need to support workers to submit their hours correctly.  Managers will receive training and guidance in advance.


If you have any questions, please email the project team at