Sandbox Environment

A sandbox environment has been setup to allow departments to try out the new system ahead of going live.  

You must be setup to access the Sandbox.  To request access, email the project team.

Opening the Sandbox Environment

Once you have been setup to access the Sandbox environment, click on the links below to open the apps in a browser (any browser other than Internet Explorer) using your standard College log in credentials: 

  1. Casual Work Management - this is for staff to be able to add Requirements Schedules and approve timesheets submitted by workers 
  2. Casual Worker Timesheet - for workers to submit timesheets. 

If you get a a messgae that your trial has expired, click on the link when it comes up to extend the trial and follow the instructions. 

Using the Sandbox Environment

In the Casual Work Management app, you will be able to perform all the actions of a Department Admin, Hiring Manager and a Payroll Approver. Definitions of each role are described in the Department Readiness Overview slides that can be accessed on the right.  

In the Casual Worker Timesheet app, you will be able to act as a worker and submit timesheets. 

A simple end to end set of instructions can be downloaded using the link on the right. As the system is still being tested, please be aware that there may be some defects and mass approvals are not currently working in this environment. 

User guides: (Please provide feedback on these user guides to

User guides
Dynamic versionPDF
 Department Administrator User Guide  Department Administrator Guide (pdf)
 Casual Worker User Guide Casual Worker Guide (pdf)
 Hiring Manager User Guide Hiring Manager Guide (pdf)
 Payroll Approver User Guide (coming soon)  Payroll Approver User Guide
Please email feedback to the project team.


Due to the extended permissions in the Sandbox, please note that you will be able to see activity from other Sandbox users. The instructions will tell you how to filter to your own department's data. If you would like a demonstration or have any questions, please contact the project team

If you do encounter any defects, please contact the project team