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What are the system roles and what do they mean? What is a DA, HM, PA?

  • Department Admin (DA) - Creates Requirement Schedules (RS). Can view all RSs and Timesheets for their department
  • Hiring Manager (HM) - Performs Level 1 approval on all timesheets submitted by their workers (confirm that work was done, optionally add cost codes). Can view all RSs and Timesheets for their department.
  • Payroll Approver (PA) - Performs Level 2 approval on timesheets to make them ready for payroll. All PAs can view and approve all timesheets for the department. Can also view all RSs. Must be a Pay8B Payroll Authoriser as agreed by the Faculty Finance Officer (FFO).

Does the cost centre default based on the hiring manager or module?

No.  There is no pre-population of the Cost Centre.  It must be selected from the drop-down list for the department by the Hiring Manager or the Payroll Approver. 

Does the new system support the recruitment process? Can a worker express interest if casual work?

No.  The new system in a temporary solution to improve our compliance risk until we are ready to purchase a complete end-to-end casual work management system, therefore we haven’t expanded the functionality to cover the recruitment process.

Timesheet Management

Do all timesheets go through the new system from the go-live date?

Not necessarily.  All timesheets for work done from the go-live date go through the new system.  Timesheets for work done prior to the go-live date should go through the existing process and be submitted on a Pay8B form.  This is to ensure that timesheets for the same week are not accidently submitted through both processes which would result in a double payment.

Can timesheets be entered by admin staff on behalf of the worker?

We would encourage all workers to enter the timesheets themselves if possible.  We are happy to offer support for anyone with concerns, including talking it through with them as they enter a timesheet the first time.  When they do it themselves in the Timesheet app, they are also able to track the progress and view the history of their entries.

If it is not possible or where it is entirely inappropriate, someone in the department can be setup to enter timesheets on behalf of a worker.  The worker would not be able to see those timesheets in the app. 

What happens if the hiring manager doesn’t complete the Level 1 approval?

Payroll Approvers and Department Administrators are able to view all timesheets and monitor if Level 1 approvals are not being completed and remind the manager that the worker will not be paid in the current month if the Level 1 approval is not completed in time. 

A timesheet can be assigned to a different hiring manager by request to the Casual Worker Team. 

If the timesheet has been forwarded to the wrong hiring manager, they can also reject it and ask the worker to change the hiring manager and resubmit.

Can a worker be paid a non-standard rate?

Yes.  The Department Administrator can enter a non-standard rate on the Requirement Schedule, even if they have selected a standard role.

Should workers submit timesheets daily or weekly?

Workers are encouraged to save their timesheets if they enter their time after each shift, and submit at the end of the week.  They are able to submit each day but this will result in many more timesheets requiring approval for the Hiring Manager and the Payroll Approver.

Can a worker submit hours for the same day at two different rates?

Yes.  If the worker has been assigned a multi-rate role, they can submit two timesheets for the same day with different rates. 

Can a hiring manager reject and ask the worker to resubmit to the correct manager?

Yes.  If the timesheet has come to the wrong Hiring Manager they can reject it and ask the worker to correct and resubmit. They also have the option to contact the Casual Worker Team who can reassign the timesheet.

Worker Set Up

Can a person be assigned more than one role?

Yes.  A staff member can be assigned multiple roles in the system.  

How will I be informed if there is a problem or delay in onboarding a worker?

The Casual Worker Team will be in contact with the Department Administrator through the existing Teams channels or email if there are any problems onboarding the worker.  

Can the start and end date of an assignment be the same?

Yes.  Set the number of weeks to zero.