Student and professor conducting research in a laboratory

Reviewing the processes and responsibilities that support the submission of research proposals.

Project Overview

Over the second half of 2018, colleagues from across the Faculties of Engineering and Medicine, Research Services and the Research Office participated in a series of workshops to review the current process and responsibilities that support the submission of research proposals.

The outcomes of these workshops have informed a new operating model for pre-award research support - the formation of a pan-department team of pre-award specialists.

In order to test and refine the new model, a proof of concept was undertaken in the Faculty of Engineering, delivering pre-award support to academic staff in the Departments of Bioengineering, Materials and Earth Science Engineering. The proof of concept proved to be a success and has now been rolled out across all of the Faculty of Engineering. 


  • Bring efficiency: PIs work directly with team members, reducing “hand-offs” and duplication of checks to provide a smoother and faster service from proposal development to submission. 
  • Have an integrated and frictionless service experience. Single points of contact that can deliver outcomes without multiple hand-offs, repeat contacts or duplication of effort.
  • Promote earlier engagement by academics with the new pre-award team and to improve data gathering of key proposal information.
  • Improve earlier identification of potential risks and problems with time to effectively mitigate.
  • Grow expertise within a dedicated pre-award team (made up of RS and Departmental staff) to ensure a consistently high-quality service.
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities between Department, Faculty and Central teams.
  • Improve the administrative quality of proposals.

 For more information, you can contact Shaun Powers, Research Services Manager.