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Improving student information systems and processes across the student lifecycle for staff and students. 

Programme overview

Taking a College-wide view to supporting academic and student administration, the vision of the Student Information Management Programme (SIMP) was to ensure that students have a consistently excellent experience when using College systems, irrespective of stage in the student lifecycle, year or programme of study. To achieve the collation of high-quality, real-time information, work initially focused on the replacement of the College's application and student record management system. The selected system, Banner by Ellucian, is now used to underpin the College's curriculum structure and provides a foundation for all information systems involving applicant and student data.

The programme has now closed. Oversight of continued improvements to be delivered across the student lifecycle has now moved to the Student Lifecycle Administration Board. 

Student Journey


The Student Journey set of projects worked to establish a College-wide student information system reflecting the College's infrastructure, academic model, regulations and student activity. A key aim was to establish the Banner system as the single source of truth for student and curriculum data and to provide a foundation for all information systems involving student data.

Banner and its associated systems are available to access from the staff view of My Imperial. Training, support materials and new user access information is available from the Registry Student Systems wepbages.


Over the lifetime of the Programme, projects encompassed and delivered: 

  • Admissions management of undergraduate and direct applications.
  • Imperial Gateway: applicant online application submission, tracking and document upload. 
  • Applicant payment for application fees, deposits and towards tuition fees with presentation of tuition fee liability on offer letters.
  • The College curriculum in the form of Academic Model and Curriculum Reviewed Programmes and Modules.
  • My Imperial Student portal replacement of Student e-Service to provide easy to use self-service capability.
    • Digital Certificates: student and third-party secure online access and share to a range of official documentation including registration status and attainment history at the College.
    • Change of Status, Interruption of Studies: digitisation of the student request and College approval process.
    • Student Emergency Contact Consent: in event of a serious wellbeing concern.
    • Postgraduate research (PGR) milestones: digitisation of Exam Entry and Thesis Submission.
  • Documents Management: for applicants and students.
  • Student Records Management - Banner Student Enquiry Form: staff access to an administrative focused read-only form that provides core information on each student in a one-page view with drill-down for further detail. 
  • Reporting on student data - Imperial College Analytics (ICA) Banner Dashboard.
  • Banner Module Catalogue: a means to look-up module details in an easy-to-read format. 
  • Banner Module Registrations Management: changes to student module registrations with auto update of changes transferred to Banner partner systems (BlackBoard, Panopto and MS Teams).