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What is the Student Facing Services Review Project?

The Student Facing Services project is undertaking an exploratory piece of work to review the student journey through and across the College’s student facing services, whether that is in-person, online or in combination. The project will produce a report which will identify any opportunities for improvement that can be undertaken at a local level, as well as potential strategic initiatives. This will be presented to the College’s Operations Committee for review. The project began in May 2022 and is anticipated to conclude in December 2022.


What are the objectives of the project?

The project will:

  • Research and identify Points of Entry used by students to engage with student facing services (online, in-person and across campuses)
  • Research and identify hand-off points between different student facing services
  • Map student journeys through key student life-cycle stages (e.g. enrolment)
  • Research approaches to the delivery of frontline services from HEIs and other organisations.
  • Consider the context of previous and current reviews and strategies at the College (e.g. the Our Future Student Services Review, the emerging Estates Strategy) and learning from other reviews of frontline services (e.g. HR Transformation).
  • Present findings to the project’s working group for discussion and identification of opportunities to pursue the overall aims of the project.
  • Produce a summary paper, which will include recommendations for any changes that will require cross college support and/or funding.


Which student facing services are being reviewed?

Student Facing Services within the remit of Registry, Library Services, Student Services and ICT.


Who is involved?

This project will be overseen by a working group representing the in-scope Student Facing Services, in addition to key stakeholders from both the staff and students communities. 



If you have any queries regarding the Student Facing Services Review project or would like to receive any further detail, then please contact the Project Team using the 'contact us' button located at the top of this web page.