Imperial College recognises that the transition into the life-changing event of parenthood can be both difficult and stressful for some. We offer three voluntary sessions which look at both practical and emotional aspects to enable staff to develop in their careers post-maternity/paternity through effective planning and communication.

The 3 workshops are as follows:


Preparing for Maternity Leave

  • Manging change of image at work
  • Maintaining confidence during pregnancy
  • Maintaining professional relationships
  • Planning maternity leave and a successful handover
  • Preparing for the amternity/adoption leave shock
  • Thinking ahead to a successful return

Working Parents

  • Identifying a better work/life balance
  • Manging your childcare
  • Separation anxiety
  • Manging your career and remaining influential even if working part-time/flexible.
  • Networking tips
  • Image at work
  • Managing time and stress levels
  • Building support networks

New/Expectant Dads at Work

  • Managing the change
  • Managing expectations - pressures to perform both at work and family life
  • Strengthening relationships
  • Understanding the challenges faced by mothers and fathers, and identify solutions
  • Practicalities - childcare
  • Sleep deprivation

For further information and to book on a workshop please contact the Parents inbox.