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MrAbu Taher MuhammadAbdullah

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Earth Science & Engineering

Research Postgraduate







Royal School of MinesSouth Kensington Campus





Abu Taher Muhammad Abdullah is an Additional Superintendent of Police, Bangladesh Police. He completed his MA in Criminology from the University of Nottingham, UK. During his police service, he did Masters in Police Science as a professional degree. Basically, he completed his undergrad and masters in forestry. 


  • Dr. Yves Plancherel (main supervisor), Lecturer, Department of Earth Science and Engineering, Imperial College London
  • Dr.John Hassard, Professor, Department of Physics & Institute of Security Science, Imperial College London

Research Interest

His current research interest is climate change, security, forecasting and modeling of climate change, the relationship between climate change and crime patterns. Cybercrime and clonal propagation were his earlier research focus.

Fellowship and Scholarship

  • Fellow, Bangabandhu Fellowship, Bangabandhu Science and Technology Fellowship Trust, the Ministry of Science and Technology, Bangladesh
  • Scholarship from 'Strengthening Government through Capacity Development of the BCS Cadre Officials Project', the Ministry of Public Administration, Bangladesh


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