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Dr Athanasios Angeloudis is a Research Fellow with the Applied Modelling and Computation Group in the Department of Earth Science and Engineering at Imperial College London. His ongoing research primarily relates to the feasibility and assessment of marine energy technologies and is actively involved with the development and refinement of open-source software to optimise the design and operation of tidal energy projects spanning tidal lagoons, tidal barrages and tidal stream arrays.

He is interested in the development and application of numerical methods on fundamental and applied environmental fluid mechanics across scales, beginning from water engineering and small-scale geometries using computational fluid dynamics software all the way to the continental shelf employing coastal ocean modelling techniques.

Previously, Athanasios was a Research Associate in the hydro-environmental modelling for the design of marine renewable energy technologies as part of  Cardiff University's Hydro-environmental Research Centre. He obtained his PhD in Water Engineering and an MEng degree in Civil Engineering from the Cardiff School of Engineering.

Research Experience

  • NERC Research Fellow, Imperial College (2017). Department of Earth Science and Engineering. Natural Environment Research Council - National Productivity Investment Fund Industrial Innovation Fellowship NE/R013209/1
  • EPSRC Research Associate, Imperial College (2016 - 2017). Department of Earth Science and Engineering. EPSRC Impact Acceleration projects and EPSRC platform project PRISM
  • Research Associate, Cardiff University (2014 - 2016). Hydro-environmental Research Centre. ERDF Atlantic Area interregional project with a focus on marine renewables (Maren2)
  • Research Assistant, Cardiff University (2010 - 2014). Hydro-environmental Research Centre. Doctoral research on water treatment hydrodynamics.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Angeloudis A, Kramer SC, Avdis A, et al., 2018, Optimising tidal range power plant operation, Applied Energy, Vol:212, ISSN:0306-2619, Pages:680-690

Gualtieri C, Angeloudis A, Bombardelli F, et al., 2017, On the Values for the Turbulent Schmidt Number in Environmental Flows, Fluids, Vol:2, ISSN:2311-5521

Angeloudis A, Falconer RA, 2017, Sensitivity of tidal lagoon and barrage hydrodynamic impacts and energy outputs to operational characteristics, Renewable Energy, Vol:114, ISSN:0960-1481, Pages:337-351

Angeloudis A, Falconer RA, Bray S, et al., 2016, Representation and operation of tidal energy impoundments in a coastal hydrodynamic model, Renewable Energy, Vol:99, ISSN:0960-1481, Pages:1103-1115

Angeloudis A, Stoesser T, Falconer RA, 2014, Predicting the disinfection efficiency range in chlorine contact tanks through a CFD-based approach, Water Research, Vol:60, ISSN:0043-1354, Pages:118-129

More Publications