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Current and past international collaborators

  • Control of ABS systems (M. Tanelli and S. Savaresi, Politecnico of Milan, Italy).
  • Model reduction (A. C. Antoulas, Rice University, USA).
  • Control of hybrid systems (T. Parisini and D. Casagrande, University of Trieste, Italy).
  • Robust stabilization with hybrid control (C. Prieur, Ecole Nationale Superieur de Cachan, France).
  • Nonlinear stabilization (Z. P. Jiang, New York Polytechnic, USA).
  • Nonlinear observer design and output feedback stabilization (L. Praly, Ecole de Mines de Paris, France).
  • Magnetic attitute control of spacecraft (M. Lovera, Politecnico of Milan, Italy).
  • Static output feedback stabilization (P. Colaneri, Politecnico of Milan, Italy).
  • Mixed H2/H-inf control of nonlinear systems (R. Ortega, SUPELEC, Paris).
  • Control of power systems (R. Ortega, SUPELEC, Paris).
  • H-inf control of nonlinear systems andrelated topics (A. Rapaport, INRIA, Montpellier).
  • Noninteracting control of Hamiltonian systems (L. Menini, University of Rome "Tor Vergata").

Research associates

Postdoc positions for periods of 6 to 24 months of various topics related to nonlinear control are available. For further information contact A.Astolfi

  • V. Andrieu, Nonlinear stabilization (January 2006-October 2007)
  • J. Back, Positive observers (May 2005-August 2006).
  • V. Talasila , Discrete nonlinear systems (February 2005-January 2007).
  • D. Karagiannis , Nonlinear flight control systems (March 2005-).
  • D. Shona Laila, Nonlinear control with approximate models (September 2003-August 2006).
  • G. Kaliora, Nonlinear stabilization (April 2002-March 2004).
  • H. Rodriguez Cortes, Control of nonlinear PCH systems (April 2002-January 2003).
  • R. Antonelli, Robust control of nonlinear systems: applications to chemical reactors (February 2001-March 2001).
  • L. Menini , Noninteracting control of nonlinear systems (October 2000-November 2000).
  • F. Mazenc, Robust stabilization of nonlinear systems (July 1997-September 1999). 

Doctoral candidates

  • M. Sassano, Nonlinear observer design with applications (in progress).
  • H. Chang , Control of the HIV infection (completed May 2009).
  • S. Bardi , Control of waste to energy systems (in progress).
  • D. Luis, Nonlinear control of chemical processes (completed June 2006).
  • D. Karagiannis , Nonlinear control of power converters (completed February 2005, presently at McLaren F1).
  • G. Kaliora, Nonlinear control with small signals (completed January 2002, presently at JP Morgan, UK ). 
  • R. Antonelli, Temperature control of chemical reactors (completed January 2001, presently at WS Atkins, UK ).
  • M.-C. Laiou, Discontinuous stabilization of underactuated systems (completed May 2000, presently at BMW Munchen, Germany ).

Short projects

  • D. Carnevale, Nonlinear stabilization (January 2006-June 2006).
  • M. Tanelli, Control of ABS systems (June 2005-September 2005).
  • A. De Rinaldis, Overvoltage control (March 2005-September 2005).
  • D. Casagrande, Hybrid control of nonlinear systems (March 2004-June 2005).
  • S. Onori, A nonlinear version of Kharitonov theorem (October 2003-December 2003).
  • A. Cepeda Caballos, Hybrid control (January 2003-June 2003 and April 2005-June 2005).
  • A. Choux, Adaptive estimation (October 2002-March 2003).
  • M. Lazar, Model predictive control of nonlinear cascaded systems (April 2002-August 2002).
  • S. Prat, Static output feedback stabilization (June 2001-September 2001).
  • M. Ricci, Control of quantum systems (October 2000-February 2001).

Research grants

  • BAE/EPSRC Integrated Project in Aeronautical Engineering (06/2004-06/2007) (with R.B. Vinter (PI)).
  • EPSRC Control and Power Portfolio Partnership (04/2003-03/2008) (with D.J.N Limebeer (PI), R.B. Vinter, T.C. Green, I.M. Jaimoukha, G. Weiss).
  • Node coordinator for the Multi Partner Marie Curie Training Site, entitled Control Training Site (2002-2006).
  • On the role of  normal forms in control and systems theory. EPSRC Grant GR/R11551/01 (2001-2003) (with A.C. Antoulas ans P. Colaneri).
  • Robust control of nonlinear systems. EPSRC Grant GR/N16853/01 (2001-2004) (with D. Limebeer).
  • Nonlinear and Adaptive Control (NACO2) . CE Research training network HPRN-CT-1999-00046 (2000-2004) (with D.Q. Mayne (PI))
  • Alliance (British Council) grant in collaboration with INRIA Montpellier, France (1999-2001).
  • Royal Society International Exchange Grant for collaborative work with UT Compiegne, France (1999-2001).
  • Royal Society International Exchange Grant for collaborative work with SUPELEC Paris, France (2001-2003).
  • ASI (Italian Space Agency) grants on control of satellites (2001-2004).  


H. Shim, Seoul National University, S. Korea, Control of infectious diseases, 2010 - 2011

Kwanghee Nam, Pohang Univ of Science & Technololgy, Motor control and sensorless operations, 2010

A. van der Schaft, University of Groningen, Control of Hamiltonian systems, 2008

E.F. Costa, University of Sao Paolo, Brazil, Kalman filtering, 2008

D. Carnevale, University of Roma "Tor Vergata", Nonlinear observer design, hybrid systems, 2008

D. Casagrande, University of Udine, Italy, Nonlinear control design, 2005

Laurent Praly, Ecole de Mines, Paris, France, Nonlinear control theory, 2005

D.S. Laila, University of Southampton, UK, Nonlinear sampled-data systems, 2005

Romeo Ortega, Supelec, Paris, France, Adaptive control, 1999

M. Lovera, Politecnico of Milan, Italy, Attitude Control, 1999 - 2011

P. Colaneri, Politecnico of Milan, Italy, Robust control, Model reduction, Switched systems, Linear systems theory, Positive systems, 1998

Guest Lectures

Model Reduction by Moment Matching (Plenary Lecture), Congreso Nacional de Control Automático AMCA 2013, Ensenada, Mexico, 2013

Model Reduction by Moment Matching for Linear and Nonlinear Systems (Plenary Lecture), 2012 IEEE Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (CCECE), Montreal, 2012

Dynamic Value Functions -- Towards Constructive Nonlinear Control Systems Analysis and Design (Plenary Lecture), 31st Benelux Meeting Final Program, The Netherlands, 2012

Model Reduction by Moment Matching (Plenary Lecture), 31st Benelux Meeting Final Program, The Netherlands, 2012

Nonlinear and adaptive control with applications (Plenary Lecture), UKACC Control Conference 2008, Manchester, 2008

Nonlinear observers design (Plenary Lecture), Eighteenth International symposium on Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems -- MTNS2008, 2008

Applied Nonlinear Adaptive Control (Plenary Lecture), 9th IFAC Workshop ALCOSP'07, Saint Petersburg, RUSSIA, 2007

Research Staff