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My PhD research, at the University of Bristol, was in the area of fungal genetics and molecular biology. During my studies, I isolated novel secondary metabolites from basidiomycete fungi and elucidated the genetic pathways underpinning biosynthesis. 

I then moved into the field of synthetic biology with a postdoctoral position at Newcastle University working on cell-free protein synthesis systems. In this work, I used Design of Experiments to explore the large and multifactorial design spaces associated with cell-free reactions, with the specific goal of optimising cell-free systems to embed within hydrogel matrices, to produce biologically-responsive materials. This technology has applications in rapidly prototyping genetic circuits and in the development of biological sensors and diagnostic devices.

I joined the Jimenez Group in 2020 to work as a postdoctoral researcher as part of the MIPLACE consortium. This research involved engineering environmentally-isolated bacteria and microbial communities to degrade and up-cycle polyethylene terephthalate (PET) for use as a microbial feedstock in the synthesis of products with added value. I am now part of the BIOSYSMO consortium employing a synthetic biology approach to the bioremediation of mixed pollutants in soils and ground water.

I am also involved in the supervision of undergraduate and MRes research projects, and I have taken part in iGEM as an advisor, supervisor and judge.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

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