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Research Associate in Embedded System or IC Design



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Bessemer B422Electrical EngineeringSouth Kensington Campus





Alan joined the NGNI group in 2019 as a Research Assistant. Currently his research is centred around applying low equity radar systems to biometric sensing and human target identification and tracking.

As part of his duties at NGNI he manages the acoustic anechoic test chamber (Bessemer B504), the department’s premiere facility for low-noise precision acoustic, optical, and electronic measurement.

Alan completed his M.Eng degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at University College London. Focussing on radar systems, his joint final thesis on “Novel transceiver architectures for automatic target recognition in UAV-based SAR systems” won best Masters’ project in 2019.

Outside Imperial, Alan is a Visiting Researcher at the UCL Radar Group and continues to occasionally collaborate on publications and projects. In his spare time he practises and coaches archery and pursues an ever increasing number of personal engineering projects.



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Bannon A, Capraru R, Ritchie M, 2020, Exploring gesture recognition with low-cost CW radar modules in comparison to FMCW architectures, 2020 IEEE International Radar Conference (RADAR), IEEE

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