Imperial College London

Professor Alan Boobis OBE

Faculty of MedicineNational Heart & Lung Institute

Emeritus Professor of Toxicology



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Chair and UK representative on Management Team, COST Action B25: Physiologically based pharmaco-toxicokinetics and dynamics, Use of physiological modelling to improve the utility and interpretation of scientific information obtained either during product development or, subsequently, through observations in humans, to predict the safe and effective use of drugs and other chemicals., 2005 - 2009

Steering Committee on "Towards Better Safety Assessment of Medicinal Products", Academy of Medical Sciences, Methods for improving drug development from pre-clinical through to clinical trials to reduce safety concerns., 2003 - 2006

UK Representative and vice-chairman, COST Project B15 on Modelling During Drug Development, Modelling approaches in drug development, from in vitro to clinical trials., 1998 - 2004

Agrochemical Safety Assessememt Committee, International Life Sciences Institute, Health and Environmental Sciences Institute

Member of Board of Trustees, International Life Sciences Institute, Health and Environment Sciences Institute

Risk-Benefit Working Group, chair, International Life Sciences Intitute, Europe

Guest Lectures

Selection of test set of compounds for validation of metabolism, COST Action B15 Expert Meeting on Validation of In Silico Methods for Prediction of Absorption and Metabolism, Brussels, 2004

Chronic health effects from pesticide exposure, 4th Congress of Toxicology in Developing Countries, Guilin, China., 2003

Rational risk assessment in a changing world, Meeting on Use of Toxicogenomics in Risk Assessment, Occupational and Environmental Toxicology Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry, London., 2003

Heterocyclic amines: Hazard – yes; Risk - ?, Symposium in honour of Prof Erik Dybing, Oslo, Norway, 2003

Toxicological mechanisms: Review of ongoing research and future needs, ESF Meeting on “An Environment for Better Health”, Aarhus, Denmark, 2003

Prediction of metabolism: Case study using METEOR, Molecular Graphics Modelling Society Meeting: Computational Approaches to the Understanding of ADMET Properties and Problems,Oxford, 2003

Chairman, Joint FAO/WHO Workshop on the Project to Update the Principles and Methods for the Risk Assessment of Chemicals in Food, Food Standards Agency, London, 2002

Discussant, International Symposium on Agricultural Exposures and Cancer, Green College, Oxford, 2002

Validation of screening methods for in vitro and in silico drug methods for drug metabolism, EUFEPS Congress, Stockholm, 2002

Interactions of antibiotics with the p450 system: implications for drug metabolism, International Conference On Antimicrobial Agents In Veterinary Medicine (AAVM), Helsinki, Finland, 2002

Factors affecting bioactivation., Fifth Balkan Workshop on Drug Metabolism and Toxicity, Constanta, Romania, 2002

Chairman of Symposium on Mixture of Chemicals: What are the Implications for Regulators, Annual Congress of the British Toxicology Society, University of Kent, Canterbury, 2002

Prediction of drug metabolism, Society of the Chemical Industry Symposium on ADME: Perspectives in High Throughput and In Silico Approaches, London., 2001

Differential stability of P450 enzymes, Annual PKUK meeting, Cardiff, 2001

Introduction and chair of symposium on Proteomics and Adverse Drug Reactions., European Congress on Toxicology, EUOTOX 2001, Istanbul, Turkey, 2001

In vitro prediction of the specificity of drug metabolism., 51st Czech and Slovak Pharmacology Society Meeting, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic, 2001

Biochemical clearance mechanisms in the lung., DERA/BALR Meeting on Lung Deposition and Clearance, Porton Down, 2001

In Vitro prediction of drug metabolism and interactions: Experience of a European collaboration (EUROCYP)., UK Drug Metabolism Group Meeting, Loughbrough, 2001

Chairman, BTS/HSL Workshop on PBPK Modelling, Sheffield, 2001

Discussant, ECVAM-ERGATT Workshop on Prediction of Systemic Toxicity of Chemicals, Angerra, Italy, 2001

Genetic variation in the human population., HSE Workshop on Variability and Susceptibility in Human Response to Occupational Exposure to Chemicals in the UK, Leicester, 2001

Homeostasis and repair following exposure to toxicants., Sixth Nordic Conference, Nordtox 2001, Beito, Norway, 2001

Research Student Supervision

Broom,A, A systems approach to understanding mechanisms of drug induced mitochondrial toxicity