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Professor of Subsurface Hydrology



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Published research is primarily associated with work on measuring, analysing and modelling subsurface flow and transport processes and their associated environmental impact. Particular areas within this context are:

  • Migration of radionuclides through soil and uptake by vegetation
  • Application of stochastic contaminant transport modelling to groundwater protection;
  • Development of new modelling techniques for environmental risk assessment;
  • Development of analytical/modelling tools for flow and transport in fractured rock;
  • Development of techniques for modelling nitrate behaviour in Chalk catchments.

Major contributions include: 

  • Development of new methods for investigating and modelling flow and transport (particularly nitrates) in permeable (fractured) catchments, in particular the Chalk of southern and eastern England;
  • Experimental and modelling investigations into recharge processes in the Chalk and their representation in catchment models;
  • Use of stochastic modelling techniques to represent the effects of uncertainty, arising from spatial heterogeneity, in groundwater protection;
  • Development of new techniques for modelling landfill biodegradation processes and their environmental impact;
  • Development of models for soil-to-plant transfer of radionuclides in connection with safety assessment for radioactive waste disposal.

Guest Lectures

Keynote Address: Drinking Water Salinity & Hypertension in Coastal Bangladesh, Government Research Seminar, icddr,b, Dhaka, 2020

Dave Burdon lectureTitle: Medical Hydrogeology: Lessons on groundwater and health from SE Asia, Irish Chapter of the International Association of Hydrogeologists, Dublin, 2017