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My research focuses on physical exchange processes occurring at the interface between the ocean and atmosphere. In particular, I have focused on understanding the occurrence, scale and severity of air-entraining breaking waves using data collected from both laboratory and field experiments. I also have a keen interest in how turbulence in the upper ocean responds to atmospheric forcing such as wind  stress, buoyancy fluxes and wave breaking.

I joined the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Imperial College London as senior lecturer in November 2017. I have also been a Royal Society Shooter International Research Fellow at Imperial College since January 2017. Before this I worked as a postdoctoral researcher and then as an Assistant Project Scientist at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. I completed my Ph.D. in Physical Oceanography in 2009 at the National Univeristy of Ireland, Galway.

Research Group

I am currently building my research group within the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Imperial College. If you are interested in pursuing a graduate or post-graduate project related to ocean-atmosphere interaction please contact me to discuss possible options.



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