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AB - To safeguard the competitiveness of energy-intensiveindustries, in light of lower-cost energy supplies elsewhere,Europe requires combined resource and energy efficiencytechnology. Most technical components of CO2 utilizationcan in principle be mobilized in Europe in the short term.Nevertheless, infrastructural, logistical, regulatory andbusiness strategic issues must be addressed imminently byall relevant stakeholders. Given the already dense EUpolicy landscape, industry stakeholders need to assess firstthe applicability of the current framework and then theimpact that policy changes could bring. Notably,connectivity infrastructure requires more analysis andcoordination. This paper presents relevant policies tosupport CO2 utilisation along the value chain. It outlinesthe applicability of current policy and benefits of policyenhancements to address barriers to deployment of CO2-derived products. It also lays out the role of keystakeholders to effect appropriate changes in policy.Finally, it explores the justification for a CO2 UtilisationDirective, comparable to the Carbon Capture and StorageDirective.
AU - Castillo,Castillo A
AU - Angelis-Dimakis,A
PY - 2017///
TI - Policy analysis and recommendations for EU CO 2 utilisation policies
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