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DrArturoCastillo Castillo

Faculty of Natural SciencesCentre for Environmental Policy

Research Fellow



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401Weeks BuildingSouth Kensington Campus





1.       Resource use efficiency

2.       Development and deployment policy for renewable energy technology

3.       Life-cycle economic and environmental impact of bioenergy supply chains

4.       Techno-economic analysis of the waste management technology mix particularly new technology such as gasification and other advanced thermal treatments

5.       Scenario evaluation for local and regional waste-to-energy-and-materials strategies

6.       Improvements in health and sustainable livelihoods through waste-to-energy-and-materials

7.       Energy efficiency and implications for energy security and climate change mitigation

8.       Research into European Environmental Law in its implications for the development of renewable energy and waste management technology and innovation policy across member states.

Current projects:
1. Sustainable Urban Environments Waste Consortium Project 2: Appropriate scales and technologies for thermal treatment options of Waste-to-Energy.
2. Sustainable Urban Environments Waste Consortium Project 3: Appropriate scales and technologies for biological treatment options for urban waste including energy production from Anaerobic Digestion
3. Collaboration with University of Bari on comparative studies of urban and agricultural waste systems
4. Research into relevant European Environmental Law cases pertaining to Waste Management as contribution to a book on Environmental Law for Engineers

EPSRC - Sustainable Urban Environments: Waste Consortium, Thermal processing technology cluster