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Anuja Chatterjee is based at the NIHR funded Health Protection Research Unit at the Department of Medicine in Imperial College London (ICL). She is currently studying for a PhD looking into investment strategies for the control of antibiotic resistant infections. Anuja is currently the publicity officer for Hammersmith Students Society at the Hammersmith Campus in ICL.

She has previously been awarded a MSc. in Economics from University of York and a BSc. Honours in Economics from University of Leicester.            

Between July 2016 - October 2016,  Anuja was a visiting graduate student at Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health in Boston - United States, which was funded by ICL. At Harvard she interned as a teaching assistant for a summer school course. This Medical Decision Making course taught clinicians how to construct health economic models in R or TreeAge to make better informed management decisions.

Anuja has previously gained health economics experience working as a research consultant with Pharmerit International - York since 2012. During her time at Pharmerit, she has worked on a number assignments which has ranged from decision tree / budget impact model development,supporting questionnaire development for clinician meetings, data gathering and systematic literature reviews.

Anuja is familiar with statistical packages such as R and STATA. Her daily work also requires good Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and basic Excel VBA coding skills. Anuja has worked on a number of projects ranging across a number of disease areas including cardiovascular disease, ophthalmology, autoimmune disorders as well as oncology.



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