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Visiting Researcher



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6M10Huxley BuildingSouth Kensington Campus





Main research topics and collaborations:

  • Metamaterial science: Characterization and optimization of elastic metamaterials using Numerical Elastodynamics and High Performance Computing. Collaborators: R. Craster (Imperial), P. Roux, (ISTerre, Grenoble), S. Guenneau (Institut Fresnel, Marseille).
  • Seismic interferometry: Evaluate the effect of scattering and directionality on the ambient noise Green’s function extraction using laboratory experiment and numerical simulations in complex media. Collaborators: M. Campillo, H. Pedersen, P. Boue (ISTerre, Grenoble), J. Chaput (Colorado State).
  • Inverse problems and data assimilation: Application of the adjoint method to elastic imaging in heterogeneous media. Collaborators: M. Lowe (Imperial), T. Nissen-Meyer (Oxford) and L. Boschi (UPMC, Paris).
  • Numerical study of the dynamic response of buildings in dense urban areas. Collaborators: P. Gueguen (ISTerre, Grenoble).
  • Experimental geophysics and acoustics. Collaborators:  P. Roux (ISTerre, Grenoble), M. Clark (University of Nottingham)