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Aaron is Lecturer in Thermofluids in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London. He holds both MEng and PhD degrees from the Department, and is a chartered mechanical engineer. His main research interests lie in advanced turbocharger models to enable optimized IC engine performance and fuel consumption over real-life duty cycles, electrically-assisted turbocharging and thermal energy recovery in IC engines.

Aaron's PhD research concerned the modelling of unsteady flow in turbocharger turbines, and won the 2008 Richard Way Memorial Prize for the most outstanding PhD thesis by a research student/assistant in the field of IC engines, awarded by UnICEG (Universities Internal Combustion Engines Group).

After completing his PhD, from 2007 Aaron spent five years as a Research Engineer and Senior Research with Caterpillar Inc., working in the Engine Research division based at Perkins Engines in Peterborough, UK. During this period he was the programme and technical lead on a UK government (Technology Strategy Board) R&D project to develop and demonstrate Electric Turbo Assist (ETA) technology, and was a developer of Dynasty, Caterpillar's proprietary system simulation tool for engine and machine modelling.

In 2012 Aaron moved to Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe B.V. in the Netherlands, where he was responsible for engine-turbocharger matching process improvement. He oversaw the introduction of engine cycle simulation in the organization and its use for development of validated engine models for advanced matching purposes and carrying out feasibility studies in new engine-turbocharger concepts.

Aaron rejoined Imperial College London in 2014 as a Research Fellow in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. In 2015 he led the establishment of the Caterpillar Innovation & Research Centre (I&RC), of which he is Research Manager. The purpose of the I&RC is to develop a research portfolio in the field of air systems, turbochargers and waste heat recovery for heavy duty diesel and gas engines, to support Caterpillar's future production and business needs. In 2016 he set up the Mitsubishi Partner Research Institution with Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe B.V. (MTEE), which enables MTEE staff to carry out PhD research at Imperial College London while remaining full time employees.

In 2017, Aaron became Lecturer in Thermofluids, and is course leader for the 4th year undergraduate and MSc course Future Clean Transport Technology. He currently supervises four PhD students, who are working in the fields of transient surge inception in turbocharger compressors, engine air system transient response prediction, engine-turbocharger matching for real-world drive cycles, and reduced order modelling of the gas dynamics in engine air systems.

in 2018, Aaron led the commissioning of TASR: the Transient Air System Rig, a unique experimental facility for engine air system research and testing. More information about TASR can be found here.



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