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DrAntonioDel Rio Chanona

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Chemical Engineering

Senior Lecturer



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My research interests are in the general area of Process Systems Engineering (PSE), with emphasis on, optimization under uncertainty, artificial intelligence, nonlinear programming, optimal control (dynamic optimization),  and numerical computations.

On the applications domain, I work extensively on applying optimization, control and machine learning algorithms to bioprocess modelling and intensification, particularly to biofuels. For more detailed information you can refer to my group's page.  

Optimization, Control & Reinforcement Learning

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Applying technique such as (stochastic) model predictive control, reinforcement learning, dynamic optimization, among others, we can control and optimize nonlinear stochastic dynamical systems.Model Predictive Control

Machine Learning Applied to Bioprocesses

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We can combine emerging techniques from the are of machine learning and artificial intelligence to make bioprocesses more efficient, and increase their economic viability against their non-renewable counterparts.ML Bioprocess

Real-Time Optimization for Stochastic Processes

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Real-time optimization (RTO) systems deal with optimizing ongoing processes under model and process uncertainty.

This is a well-accepted methodology by industrial practitioners, with numerous successful applications reported over the last few decades.

Lately, we have combined traditional RTO techniques, with Machine-Learning technologies to create efficient and robust algorithms.


Development of New Algorithms for Systems Engineering

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We design and create new algorithms that can enhance the performance of different systems, from distributed optimization and networks to highly nonlinear optimization of dynamical systems.algorithms