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DrArmandoDel Rio Hernandez

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Bioengineering

Reader in Cellular and Molecular Mechanotransduction



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Our research is focused on the field of cellular and molecular mechanotransduction, the study of the mechanisms by which cells and molecules transform mechanical stimuli into biochemical signals. For more information, please click this link.

Enquires from motivated and exceptional students and postdocs to work in his group are always welcome. Please send full CV and cover letter to:

 In the Department of Bioengineering, Dr. del Río Hernández is the Director of the MRes in Bioengineering, which offers the opportunity for graduate students to begin their careers in scientific research. 

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Web of Science Researcher ID: D-3555-2012

Affiliations: FRSB, FRSC

Contact information

Office: Bessemer building (number 11 in the South Kensington campus map)

Room 308, 3rd Floor

Department of Bioengineering

Imperial College London

South Kensington Campus

London SW7 2AZ

United Kingdom

Telephone: 44 (0) 20 7594 5187

Skype: armando.delrio



    Selected Publications

    Journal Articles

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