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Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Dimond A, Van de Pette M, Fisher AG, 2020, Illuminating epigenetics and inheritance in the immune system with bioluminescence, Immunology Today, Vol:41, ISSN:0167-5699, Pages:994-1005

Djeghloul D, Patel B, Kramer H, et al., 2020, Identifying proteins bound to native mitotic ESC chromosomes reveals chromatin repressors are important for compaction, Nature Communications, Vol:11, ISSN:2041-1723, Pages:1-15

Dimond AM, 2018, Allele-specific control of replication timing and genome organization during development, Genome Research, Vol:28, ISSN:1088-9051, Pages:800-811

Van de Pette M, Abbas A, Feytout A, et al., 2017, Visualizing changes in Cdkn1c expression links early life adversity to imprint mis-regulation in adults, Cell Reports, Vol:31, ISSN:2211-1247, Pages:1090-1099

Cairns J, Freire-Pritchett P, Wingett SW, et al., 2016, CHiCAGO: robust detection of DNA looping interactions in Capture Hi-C data, Genome Biology, Vol:17, ISSN:1474-7596, Pages:127-127

Schoenfelder S, Sugar R, Dimond A, et al., 2015, Polycomb repressive complex PRC1 spatially constrains the mouse embryonic stem cell genome, Nature Genetics, Vol:47, ISSN:1061-4036, Pages:1179-+

Schoenfelder S, Furlan-Magaril M, Mifsud B, et al., 2015, The pluripotent regulatory circuitry connecting promoters to their long-range interacting elements, Genome Research, Vol:25, ISSN:1549-5469, Pages:582-597

Dimond A, Fraser P, 2013, Long Noncoding RNAs Xist in Three Dimensions, Science, Vol:341, ISSN:0036-8075, Pages:720-721

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