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Guest Lectures

Invitation to participate as a speaker in one of the panels organized in collaboration with the NGO “Medici con l’Africa CUAMM” at the Festival of Global Health, Padua, Italy, 2019

Invitation to talk at Liceo A. Volta, Milan, Italy, 2019

Invited speaker at the Global Hematology Symposium at the ASH annual meeting, San Diego, United States, 2018

Talk at the FOCUS LIVE, il Festival della divulgazione scientifica, Potenza, Italy, 2018

Invitation to talk at the St Paul's Girls School Science Society Talk, St Paul's Girls' School, London, 2018

Invited speaker at the TIGS Inaugural Symposium, The Tata institute for Genetics and Society, India, 2018

Invitation to the Unincontro 2018 Giornata di benvenuto alle matricole, University of Padova, Italy, 2018

Invited speaker at the XI European Congress of Entomology, Naples, Italy, 2018

Invited speaker at the “Seduta pubblicadi Accademia Naz Ital di Entomologia", Florence, Italy, 2018

Invited Speaker at the HUMAN GENOME MEETING 2018 (HGM 2018), Human Genome Organisation, Yokahama, Japan, 2018

Invited speaker at the Bridging Biomedical Worlds 2018 Conference, Singapore, Singapore, 2018

Guest seminar, Stockholm University, Sweden, 2018

Invited speaker at the Gene Drive Workshop, FNIH, Baltimore, United States, 2017

Invited speaker at the 7th International SOVE Conference, Las Palmas, Spain, 2017

Invitation: Speaker at European Students' Conference in Berlin, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Berlin, 2017

Invited speaker at the 5th Annual Symposium on Genome Editing, University of California, United States, 2017

Invited speaker at CRISPRcon, University of California: Berkeley, United States, 2017

Invited speaker at a conference organised by The Institute for Global Health, Unitaid and the World Health Organization, Barcelona. Bringing innovation to the front line: new tools to advance the global response to vector-borne disease”, Barcelona, Spain, 2017

VII Festa Scienza e Filosofia Foligno talk "Il futuro delle Tecnologie per editare la Natura", Foligno, Italy, 2017

TED talk, Warwick University, UK, 2017

Lecture to Master of Public Health students at Imperial College on innovations around malaria prevention in low- and middle-income countries., Imperial College, London, UK, 2017

CRISPR/Cas9 technology, Gene Drive technology and risk assessment related to contained use, Utrecht, The Netherlands, 2017

Keystone Symposia at University of Colorado, University of Colorado, United States, 2017

Invited speaker for ASTMH meeting, Atlanta, United States, 2016

Cartagena malaria meeting, Cartagena, Colombia, 2016

Chairperson at the symposium “Advanced technologies for vector control”, 20th E-SOVE conference at the University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal, 2018

Gene Drives: A Deliberative Workshop to Develop Frameworks for Research and Governance, North Carolina State University, USA, 2016