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Dr Audrey J. Geffen

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Life Sciences

Senior Strategic Teaching Fellow



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I am a Strategic Teaching Fellow in the Department of Life Sciences teaching on a range of undergraduate modules supporting Biological Sciences and Ecology degree streams. I am active in curriculum development for undergraduate and masters programmes. My background is in marine ecology - specifically in larval fish ecology and otolith research and applications. I've worked in a range of university and research institutions, including the Port Erin Marine Laboratory in the Isle of Man and University of Bergen in Norway. 

I teach on courses relating to evolution and diversity and ecology (see here). I am also a personal tutor for undergraduate students.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

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Geffen AJ, Pittman K, Imsland AK, 2015, Synergies between aquaculture and fisheries, FLATFISHES: BIOLOGY AND EXPLOITATION, 2ND EDITION, Editor(s): Gibson, Nash, Geffen, VanDerVeer, JOHN WILEY &amp; SONS LTD, Pages:491-518, ISBN:978-1-118-50119-1

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