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I obtained my degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Patras, Greece at 2007.

I then started my PhD work at Imperial College London, which was a three year experimental programme on interfacial tension measurements at elevated p and T, as part of the Shell – Imperial College Grand Challenge on Clean Fossil Fuels. The main focus of my work was on designing and conducting high-pressure, high-temperature experiments, using imaging techniques to determine relevant thermophysical properties of (H2O n-alkane CO2) biphasic systems, as well as characterise the immiscible flow of such systems within porous media.

I continued my academic path as research associate with the Molecular Systems Engineering (MSE) group, working on a continuation of the Shell – Imperial College Grand Challenge on Clean Fossil Fuels research programme. The focus of the project is on heavy oil modelling using the theoretical framework of SAFT.

In 2012 I joined Shell as Researcher with the Rock & Fluid Science platform, where I have supported deployment of new technologies in the upstream domain, primarily relating to oil recovery processes. I act as principal researcher for the Digital Rock programme, which develops new tools for augmenting standard reservoir characterisation practices, in conjunction with Imperial College London and other academic partners. Since April 2017 I also support Shell global technology deployments as advisor for the Commercial Technology Deployment team.

On my free time I volunteer as session leader and facilitator with the Perspectivity foundation, engaging groups and audiences in interactive ways for enhancing dialogue on wicked problems. Primarily context for numerous sessions facilitated since 2013 is the Stress Nexus! on the water-energy-food and Climate Change challenges.


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