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My research combines the use of mathematical models and statistical methods to understand the transmission dynamics and control of a range of infectious diseases of humans and animals. The focus of my research is applied, developing both simple compartmental models and more complex individual-based models, to explore the impact of interventions and to help guide policy. In the past I have worked on a wide range of infectious diseases, including BSE and vCJD, sexually transmitted infections including HIV, and SARS. 

Over the last decade my research has focused on the development of models that can inform policies on how, where and when to implement different interventions against malaria to aid local elimination, and eventual eradication, of the parasite. See our malaria research group pages for further details.

Since early 2020 I have been involved in our Centre's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The focus of my research has been to understand the course of the global pandemic and how factors that differ between countries (such as demography, mixing patterns and access to healthcare) shape this. We are currently focused on evaluating the potential impact of  COVID-19 vaccination strategies, and are working closely with global health agencies to use modelling to help support decisions on longer-term vaccination as well as support initiatives for future pandemic preparedness.