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Andrea is Lecturer in the Thermofluids Division, Department of Mechanical Engineering. He obtained his PhD in 2014 at the University of Florence and then he joined the Engineering Department at the University of Cambridge as Rolls-Royce Research Associate. He became Senior Research Associate in April 2017, doing research in the broad area of numerical modeling of multi-phase turbulent flows with a focus on the prediction of pollutant emissions and development of clean combustion technologies for aviation. He was appointed as Lecturer by Imperial College in October 2018.



de Oliveira PM, Fredrich D, De Falco G, et al., 2021, Soot-free low-NOx aeronautical combustor concept: the lean azimuthal flame for kerosene sprays, Energy and Fuels, ISSN:0887-0624

de Oliveira PM, Mesquita LCC, Gkantonas S, et al., 2021, Evolution of spray and aerosol from respiratory releases: theoretical estimates for insight on viral transmission, Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, Vol:477, ISSN:1364-5021

Kritikos E, Giusti A, 2020, Reactive molecular dynamics investigation of Toluene Oxidation under electrostatic fields: effect of the modeling of local charge distribution., The Journal of Physical Chemistry A: Isolated Molecules, Clusters, Radicals, and Ions; Environmental Chemistry, Geochemistry, and Astrochemistry; Theory, Vol:124, ISSN:1089-5639, Pages:10705-10716

Sitte MP, Turquand d’Auzay C, Giusti A, et al., 2020, A-priori validation of scalar dissipation rate models for turbulent non-premixed flames, Flow, Turbulence and Combustion, ISSN:1386-6184


Foale JM, Giusti A, Mastorakos E, 2021, Simulating the blowoff transient of a swirling, bluff body-stabilized kerosene spray flame using detailed chemistry, Pages:1-12

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