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Dr Anne A. Y. Guilbert

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Physics

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Anne Guilbert is an EPSRC Postdoctoral Fellow is the Department of Physics since July 2017. She obtained the title of Ingénieur in Materials Science from Grenoble Institute of Technology INPG (France) in 2009. The same year, she was awarded a Master of Science in Materials Science with honours from INPG (France) and TU Darmstadt (Germany). She was awarded a PhD in Physics from Imperial in 2013. In 2013-2014, she was holding an EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship in Chemical Engineering at Imperial working in collaboration with Dr João T. Cabral. Between 2014-2017, she was a research associate in the group of Prof. Jenny Nelson.


 My research focuses on understanding the link between chemical structure and properties of organic semiconductors for solar energy applications with a particular emphasis on understanding how chemical structure and packing of the materials controls the material properties. When most of the studies in the literature focus on the phase behaviour of organic semiconductors, I am also studying the structural dynamics of organic semiconductors to further understand how structure and dynamics impacts optical and electronic properties using various neutron scattering techniques (diffraction, quasi-elastic neutron scattering, neutron spin-echo spectroscopy, inelastic neutron scattering) combined with density functional theory and molecular dynamics simulation.


  • Dr Mohamed Zbiri at Institut Laue-Langevin (France)
  • Dr Christian Nielsen at Queen Mary University of London (UK).

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Guilbert AAY, Zbiri M, Finn PA, et al., 2019, Mapping Microstructural Dynamics up to the Nanosecond of the Conjugated Polymer P3HT in the Solid State, Chemistry of Materials, Vol:31, ISSN:0897-4756, Pages:9635-9651

Sprick RS, Bai Y, Guilbert AAY, et al., 2019, Photocatalytic hydrogen evolution from water using fluorene and dibenzothiophene sulfone-conjugated microporous and linear polymers, Chemistry of Materials, Vol:31, ISSN:0897-4756, Pages:305-313

Guilbert AAY, Zbiri M, Dunbar ADF, et al., 2017, Quantitative Analysis of the Molecular Dynamics of P3HT:PCBM Bulk Heterojunction, The Journal of Physical Chemistry. B, Vol:121, ISSN:1520-5207, Pages:9073-9080

Guilbert AAY, Cabral JT, 2016, Impact of solution phase behaviour and external fields on thin film morphology: PCBM and RRa-P3HT model system, Soft Matter, Vol:13, ISSN:1744-683X, Pages:827-835

Guilbert AA, Zbiri M, Jenart MV, et al., 2016, New insights into the molecular dynamics of P3HT:PCBM bulk heterojunction: a time-of-flight quasi-elastic neutron scattering study, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, Vol:7, ISSN:1948-7185, Pages:2252-2257

Guilbert AAY, Urbina A, Abad J, et al., 2015, Temperature-dependent dynamics of polyalkylthiophene conjugated polymers: a combined neutron scattering and simulation study, Chemistry of Materials, Vol:27, ISSN:1520-5002, Pages:7652-7661

Guilbert AAY, Schmidt M, Bruno A, et al., 2014, Spectroscopic Evaluation of Mixing and Crystallinity of Fullerenes in Bulk Heterojunctions, Advanced Functional Materials, Vol:24, ISSN:1616-301X, Pages:6972-6980

Guilbert AAY, Frost JM, Agostinelli T, et al., 2014, Influence of Bridging Atom and Side Chains on the Structure and Crystallinity of Cyclopentadithiophene-Benzothiadiazole Polymers, Chemistry of Materials, Vol:26, ISSN:0897-4756, Pages:1226-1233

Guilbert AAY, Reynolds LX, Bruno A, et al., 2012, Effect of Multiple Adduct Fullerenes on Microstructure and Phase Behaviour of P3HT:Fullerene Blend Films for Organic Solar Cells, ACS Nano, ISSN:1936-0851

More Publications