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Alastair is a member of the Electrochemical Science and Engineering research group. Alastair's work focuses on battery pack thermal management and the thermal performance of lithium-ion cells. Alastair led the work introducing the Cell Cooling Coefficient as a universal metric to quantify the thermal performance of a battery. He is now building upon this research to develop modelling methods to support lithium-ion cell design optimisation.

Webinar on lithium-ion cell design for improved thermal management

Nature Comment on the state of thermal management

The Cell Cooling Coefficient presentation


TOPBAT (Co-Investigator): 07/20 - present

Innovate UK BATMAN: 04/18 - present 

Innovate UK Isothermal Control Platform development: 06/19 - present

Innovate UK Isothermal Control Platform feasibility study: 04/18 - 04/19


Alastair completed a PhD in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bristol in 2016, specialising in transient heat transfer and non-destructive diagnostics of multiphase flows. Prior to joining Imperial College London in 2018, Alastair worked for SUEZ Advanced Solutions UK, designing equipment closely linked to his PhD topic, and as a Research Associate at Queen Mary University of London, modelling convection cooling capabilities of low powered air-moving devices.



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