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Adam Hawkes is Director of the Sustainable Gas Institute.  His research team focuses on methodologies for quantitative assessment of energy systems.  Building from engineering fundamentals, he analyses the technical, economic, security, and environmental aspects of energy system transitions, and then applies these to provide evidence to both engineering and energy policy debates.  He is an expert in analytical assessment of individual technologies and systems of technology and infrastructure.

His areas of research specialism are:

  • Quantitative assessment of sustainable energy transitions via energy systems modelling (optimisation, simulation, forecasting)
  • Thermo-economic analysis of heat sector decarbonisation; modelling, technologies, infrastructures, interfaces, pathways
  • Investment in microgrids and smart grids under uncertainty (stochastic proramming and game theory)
  • Decentralised energy resources, demand side management, and smart energy networks
  • Microgeneration

His background includes energy and climate change consultancy, energy trading, government policy impact assessment, and IT development. Adam is an author of 200 scientific contributions, including a number of high impact briefing papers, reports and presentations.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Balcombe P, Anderson K, Speirs J, et al., 2016, The natural gas supply chain: the importance of methane and carbon dioxide emissions, Acs Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, Vol:5, ISSN:2168-0485, Pages:3-20

Pfenninger S, Hawkes A, Keirstead J, 2014, Energy systems modeling for twenty-first century energy challenges, Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, Vol:33, ISSN:1364-0321, Pages:74-86

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Hawkes AD, Leach MA, 2009, Modelling High Level System Design and Unit Commitment for a Microgrid, Applied Energy, Vol:86, Pages:1253-1265

Hawkes AD, Staffell I, Brett DJL, et al., 2009, Fuel Cells for Micro-Combined Heat and Power Generation, Energy & Environmental Science, Vol:2, Pages:729-744

More Publications