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Dr Alexandra Hogan

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Research Associate



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I work on mathematical models to guide and evaluate malaria control and elimination programmes in malaria endemic areas, in particular in the African setting. We aim to identify areas in which current tools and scale-up will successfully result in malaria elimination, and determine the most efficient and effective ways to reduce transmission. This project is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

Before joining the Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology, I completed my PhD program at the Research School of Population Health at the Australian National University, under the supervision of Associate Professor Kathryn Glass. My PhD research involved developing and analysing mathematical models for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in young children, to better understand RSV transmission dynamics and seasonality, and inform rollout strategies for a maternal RSV vaccine that is currently undergoing phase three trials.

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Hogan AB, Mercer GN, Glass K, et al., Modelling the seasonality of respiratory syncytial virus in young children, 20th International Congress on Modelling and Simulation (MODSIM), ISSN:1932-6203

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