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AB - The sub-millimetre wavelength regime is perhaps the most poorly explored overlarge areas of the sky, despite the considerable effort that has been expendedin making deep maps over small regions. As a consequence the properties of thesub-millimetre sky as a whole, and of rare bright objects in particular,remains largely unknown. Here we describe a forthcoming survey (the SCUBA-2``All-Sky'' Survey, or SASSy) designed to address this issue by making alarge-area map of approximately one-fifth of the sky visible from the JCMT(4800 square degrees) down to a 1 sigma noise level of 30 mJy/beam. This mapforms the pilot for a much larger survey, which will potentially map theremaining sky visible from the JCMT, with the region also visible to ALMA as apriority. SASSy has been awarded 500 hours for the 4800 square degree pilotphase and will commence after the commissioning of SCUBA-2, expected in early2008.
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