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Dr Amir Kadiric is a Reader in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and a member of the Tribology Group. He also leads the SKF University Technology Centre for Tribology at Imperial College.

He obtained his MEng degree in Mechanical Engineering followed by a PhD in Tribology from Imperial College in 2005. He subsequently took a post at SKF’s Engineering and Research Centre in the Netherlands where he worked on rolling bearing research, before returning to Imperial.

Dr Kadiric’s research focuses on damage and failure in machine elements including mechanisms of rolling contact fatigue (pitting and micro-pitting), scuffing and fretting; reliability and efficiency of transmission systems in electric vehicles; condition monitoring of tribological systems; contact mechanics and surface coatings. He has strong links with industry and his research is applicable to a wide range of engineering systems including wind turbines, geared turbo-fan engines and electric vehicles. 

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Kanazawa Y, De Laurentis N, Kadiric A, 2019, Studies of friction in grease lubricated rolling bearings using ball-on-disc and full bearing tests, Tribology Transactions, Vol:63, ISSN:1040-2004, Pages:77-89

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Rycerz P, Kadiric A, 2019, The influence of slide–roll ratio on the extent of micropitting damage in rolling–sliding contacts pertinent to gear applications, Tribology Letters, Vol:67, ISSN:1023-8883, Pages:1-20

Peng B, Spikes H, Kadiric A, 2019, The development and application of a scuffing test based on contra-rotation, Tribology Letters, Vol:67, ISSN:1023-8883

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Kanazawa Y, Sayles RS, Kadiric A, 2017, Film formation and friction in grease lubricated rolling-sliding non-conformal contacts, Tribology International, Vol:109, ISSN:1879-2464, Pages:505-518

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Hajishafiee A, Kadiric A, Ioannides E, et al., 2016, A coupled finite-volume CFD solver for two-dimensional elasto-hydrodynamic lubrication problems with particular application to rolling element bearings, Tribology International, Vol:109, ISSN:1879-2464, Pages:258-273

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More Publications