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AB - Despite being functionally important, dart throwing motion is difficult to assess accurately through goniometry. The objectives of this study were to describe a method for reliably quantifying the dart throwing motion using goniometric measurements within a healthy population. Wrist kinematics of 24 healthy participants were assessed using goniometry and optical motion tracking. Three wrist angles were measured at the starting and ending points of the motion: flexion-extension, radial-ulnar deviation and dart throwing motion angle. The orientation of the dart throwing motionplane relative to the flexion-extension axis ranged between 28° and 57° among the tested population. Plane orientations derived from optical motion capture differed from those calculated through goniometry by 25°. An equation to correct the estimation of the plane from goniometry measurements was derived. This was applied and differences in the orientation of the plane were reduced to non-significant levels, enabling dart throwing motion to be measured using goniometry alone.
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