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Dr Alalea Kia

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Dr Alalea Kia is a Postdoctoral Researcher in Materials section of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. She completed her Masters of Engineering (MEng) degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering at University College London in 2014 with First Class Honours before joining the Structures section to undertake a PhD in control of clogging in permeable concrete pavements.

Her research has involved the development of a high-strength clogging resistant permeable pavement capable of retaining sufficient porosity and permeability for storm-water infiltration without requiring frequent maintenance. This innovative system (international patent PCT/GB2019/053217), that is not only resistant to clogging but also has high permeability and compressive strength, will help alleviate urban flooding and contribute towards a more sustainable urbanisation.

Following completion of her PhD in early 2019, she undertook the Postdoctoral Researcher position, where she is investigating on possible approaches for delivering her invention on commercial scale and the basic feasibility of heated permeable pavements. This involved developing a prototype delivery system and carrying out large-scale laboratory and field trials as well as securing a viable site (Imperial’s White City Campus) for long-term performance monitoring. 

Alalea is also the Founding Director of Permia Ltd, the research focussed spin-out company which exists to bring the innovations her work has produced into products with significant societal and economic impact.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Kia A, Wong H, Cheeseman C, et al., Structural and hydrological design of permeable concrete pavements, Case Studies in Construction Materials, ISSN:2214-5095

Kia A, Wong H, Cheeseman C, 2019, High-strength clogging resistant permeable pavement, International Journal of Pavement Engineering, Vol:22, ISSN:1029-8436, Pages:271-282

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Kia A, Wong HS, Cheeseman CR, 2017, Clogging in permeable concrete: a review, Journal of Environmental Management, Vol:193, ISSN:0301-4797, Pages:221-233


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More Publications