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UK Research Council FUNDED Projects

Project Name, Partners

Funding Agency Project Number, Investigators
Process intensification for post-combustion carbon capture using rotating packed bed through systems engineering techniques

Project co-ordinator: University of Hull; Partners:  Imperial College;  University of Sheffield, Newcastle University

EPSRC, EP/M001458/1, N Shah, C Adjiman, A Korre

CO2 injection and storage - Short and long-term behaviour at different spatial scales

Project co-ordinator: Imperial College; Partners: Herriot Watt University, University of Leeds, British Geological Survey, Cardiff University, Progressive Energy, Energy Technologies Institute

EPSRC, EP/K035967/1 ,S Durucan, A Korre

EU FUNDED Projects

Project Name, PartnersProgramme, Project Number, Investigators
Management of Environmental RIsks During and After mine closure (MERIDA) 
Project co-ordinator: GIG Central Mining Institute Katowice, Poland; Partners: Imperial College; DMT GmbH & Co. KG, Germany; The French National Institute for Industrial Environment and Risks (INERIS), France; The Polish Academy of Science (IMG PAN), Poland; University of Exeter, France; University of Oviedo, Spain; Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic; Hulleras del Norte S.A., Spain; Kompania Weglowa S.A., Poland RFCR-CT2015-00004, A Korre, S Durucan
Real-time optimization of extraction and the logistic process in highly complex geological and selective mining settings (Real-Time-Mining)  Project co-ordinator: TU Delft, the Netherlands; Partners: Imperial College; RWTH Aachen, Germany; IST Lisbon, Portugal; TNO, The Netherlands; Geovariances Sa, France; Dassault Systemes Geovia Ltd, UK; LSA Gmbh, Germany; XGraphic I. GmbH, Germany; Sonicsampdrill BV, The Netherlands; TUB Freiberg, Germany; Spectral Industries BV, the Netherlands; IBeWa, Germany H2020-SC5-11a-2014, 641989, A Korre, S Durucan
Mitigation and Remediation of CO2 leakage (MiReCOL Project co-ordinator: TNO, the Netherlands; Partners: Imperial College; SINTEF Petroleum Research Norway; IFP Energies nouvelles France; Helmholtz-Zentrum Potsdam, Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum; Germany; University of Edinburgh, UK; Weatherford consultants Norway; Naftna Industrija Srbije AD, Serbia; Shell Global Solutions International BV, the Netherlands; Statoil Petroleum AS Norway  FP7-ENERGY-2013-5.2.1,  
608608A Korre, S Durucan
Technology Options for Coupled Underground Coal Gasification and CO2 Capture and Storage (TOPS
Project co-ordinator: Imperial College; Partners: Seamwell Int. Ltd. GIG Central Mining Institute Katowice, Poland; Helmholz-Zentrum Potsdam Deutsches Geoforschungs zentrum; TU Delft, the Netherlands; University of Glasgow; Premogovnik Velenje, Slovenia; The Geological Survey Of Denmark And Greenland; Katowicki Holding Weglowy S.A, Poland; Seamwell (Hong Kong) Ltd; Golder Associates, South Africa; Henan Polytechnic University, China; CSIRO Australia; Monash University, Australia; University Of Calgary, Canada; Indiana University, USA   

608517, S Durucan, A Korre, JQ Shi

Project Name Partners Sponsor  Project Number Investigators
Life Cycle Analysis of natural gas production, processing and LNG transport value chains BP Corporation North America Inc.A Korre
Real Options Analysis of CO2 Storage Systems in the UK
The Crown Estate, UK, A Korre


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Project Name
Funding Agency,
Project Number
CO2 injection and storage - Short and long-term behaviour at different spatial scales 
Project co-ordinator: Imperial College; Partners: Herriot Watt University, University of Leeds, British Geological Survey, Cardiff University, Progressive Energy, Energy Technologies Institute



S Durucan, A Korre
Mining Financial Risk Modelling 
Sciemus ltd, UK A Korre, S Durucan
Environmental fate studies of CO2 capture solvents toward risk assessment (SOLVfate) 
Project co-ordinator: Sintef Materials and Chemistry, Norway; Partners: Imperial College, UK; Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Japan; ENEL, Italy
Gassnova 801960, Scottish Power Academic Alliance A Korre
Greenhouse Gas Recovery from Coal Mines and Unmineable Coalbeds and Conversion To Energy (GHG2E) 
Project co-ordinator: Imperial College; Partners: Trolex limited, UK; Formac Electronics Ltd UK;  Coal Mine Velenje, Slovenia; HBP Coal Mine Slovakia; Beijing Sindicatum Ltd, China; China Coal Information Institute, China;China Pingmei Shenma Energy & Chemical Group Co Ltd, China; North China Institute of Science and Technology, China; Henan Polytechnic University, China; Central Mine Planning & Design Institute Ltd, India, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India



S Durucan, A Korre
Multiscale whole systems modelling and analysis for CO2 capture, transport and storage 
Project co-ordinator: Imperial College; Partners: Hull University, Cranfield University, University of Sussex, British Geological Survey
UKERC, NE/H01392X/1 S Durucan, A Korre, N Shah
Characterisation of European CO2 Geological Storage (SiteChar) 
Project start: January 2011 (36 months) Project co-ordinator: IFP Energies Nouvelles, France; Partners: Imperial College, TNO, Netherlands; SINTEF PR, Norway; GFZ, Germany; NERC, UK; GEUS, Denmark; AGH, Poland UFU, Germany;  ECN, the Netherlands; OGS, Italy; UniRoma-CERI, Italy; Vattenfall AB Sweden; PGNiG, Poland; Enel SpA, Italy; STATOIL Petroleum AS Norway, the Scottish Government, UK
A Korre, S Durucan
CO2 Site Closure Assessment Research (CO2CARE) 
Project start: January 2011 (36 months) Project co-ordinator: Helmholtz-Zentrum Potsdam Deutsches GeoForschungs Zentrum, Germany; Partners: Imperial College, IFPEN, France; TNO, the Netherlands; NERC, UK; OGS, Italy; BRGM, France; GEUS, Denmark; Uppsala University, Sweden; AirLiquide, France; RWE Power AG, Germany; Statoil Petroleum AS, Norway; Shell International BV, the Netherlands; Vattenfall R&D AB, Sweden; Veolia France; Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures, Canada; University of Alberta, Canada; RITE, Japan; Bureau of Economic Geology, USA; Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory, USA; Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA; and CO2CRC, Australia
S Durucan, A Korre
Pan-European coordination action on CO2 Geological Storage (CGS-EUROPE) 
Project start: November 2011 (36 months) Project co-ordinator: Bureau De Recherches Geologiques Et Minieres, France; Partners: Imperial College, 34 partners from EU countries and Associated States
A Korre, S Durucan
Whole system dynamic modelling of CCS value chain
Project start: October 2010 (24 months)
Scottish Power Academic Alliance, SPAA1 A Korre, S Durucan, N Shah
Development of Technologies for the Assessment and Control of Gas Emissions and Outbursts in Ultra-Thick Seam Coal Mining (CoGasOUT) 
Project start: July 2009 (36 months) Project co-ordinator: Imperial College; Partners: Mines Rescue Service Limited UK; Coal Mine Velenje, Slovenia; Asociacion para la Investigacion y el Desarrollo Industrial de los Recursos Naturales, Spain; SA Hullera Vasco Leonesa, Spain; K-UTEC AG Salt Technologies, Germany; DMT GmbH & Co. KG, Germany; GIG, Poland; Hornonitrianske bane Prievidza a.s., Slovakia
EU RFCS, CT2010-00002 S Durucan, A Korre 
Life Cycle Analysis of Gas-Fired Power Plant With CCS, Full Chain Comparison With Clean Coal Alternatives
Project start: October 2010 (14 months) 
BG Group A Korre, S Durucan 
Developing a model for quantifying exposure to contaminants from soil and for estimating health effects from exposure to soil contamination  
Project start: October 2007 (36 months) 
Health Protection Agency, UK A Korre 
Waste & Resources Action Programme: Life Cycle Assessment of Aggregates - EVA025 
Project start: March 2007 (24 months) (tools; user guide; inventory forms)
WRAP, UK A Korre, S Durucan 
Life Cycle Modelling of CO2 Capture and Geological Storage in Energy Production   Project start: December 2006 (12 months)  Vattenfall AB A Korre
Geochemical modelling of the surface water and sediment quality in the Rapel Basin, Central Chile  
Project start: April 2006 (24 months)
Codelco, Chile A Korre
Greenhouse Gas Removal Apprenticeship and Student Program (GRASP), EU Marie Curie Research Training Network    
Project start: October 2006 (48 months) 
EU MRTN-CT-2006-035068  S Durucan, A Korre 
CO2 geological storage: research into monitoring and verification technology (CO2ReMoVe)
Project start: March 2006 (72 months) Project co-ordinator: Netherlands Institute of Applied Geoscience (TNO), the Netherlands; Partners: 27 major oil and natural gas producers, research institutes and universities
EU Integrated Project FP6-518350 S Durucan, A Korre
Capacity, F and Fishing Effort (CAFE) Project start: February 2006 (42 months)Project co-ordinator: Imperial College London and Fisheries Research Services Marine Laboratory, UK; Partners: 13 other European Research Institutes and Universities EU Specific Targeted Research Project FP6-022644  A Korre, J Beddington
Geochemical modelling of the surface water environment around active mineral operations      Project start: September 2004 (18 months) AngloAmerican plc A Korre 
Modelling the uncertainty and risks associated with the design and life cycle of CO2 sequestration in coalbed methane reservoirs Project start: February 2004 (36 months) EPSRC  GR/S27313/01  A Korre
Fisheries Independent Survey Based Operational Assessment Tools (FISHBOAT)
Project start: March 2004 (36 months) Project co-ordinator: Institut Francais de Recherche pour l'Exploitation de la Mer, France; Partners: Imperial College; 8 European research institutes
EU Specific Targeted Research Project, 502572 M McAlister, A Korre
Network of Excellence on CO2 Geological Storage (CO2GeoNet)
Project start: March 2004 (60 months) Project co-ordinator: British Geological Survey (BGS), UK; Partners: 13 research institutes and universities
EU Network of Excellence project,  502816  S Durucan, A Korre
CO2 from Capture to Storage (CASTOR) Project start: February 2004 (36 months) Project co-ordinator: Institut Francais du Petrole (IFP), France; Partners: 30 major oil and natural gas producers, research institutes and universities   EU Integrated project, 502586  S Durucan, A Korre
Geochemical baseline, speciation and bioavailability modelling of Cu, Zn, Pb, Co, Ni and B over Europe Project start: November 2003 (36 months) Jointly funded by the European Copper Institute and a consortium of metal industry associations  A Korre, I Thornton
Factors Affecting the evolution of prion diseases in the Environment (FATE PriDE) Project start: January 2003 (36 months) Project co-ordinator: University of Bristol; Partners: Imperial College; University of Bath; University of Heidelberg; University of Iceland; University of Perugia, Italy; University of Grenoble, France; The Alpine Institute of Environmental Dynamics, France. EC Contract QLK4-CT-2002-02723 A Korre
Sustainable agroecosystem management and development of rural-urban interaction in regions and cities of China (SUSDEV-China) Project start: September 2002 (42 months) Project co-ordinator: MTT Agrifood Research, Finland; Partners: Imperial College; Research Centre for Eco-Environmental sciences, Beijing; Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Beijing; Institute of Policy & Management, Beijing; Shijiazhuang Institute of Agricultural Modernization, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province; Tongji University, Shanghai; Institute of Soil and Water Conservation, Shaanxi Province; Institute of Earth Environment, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province; Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai China EC Contract ICA4-CT2002-10004 S Durucan, A Korre
Lifetime Engineering of Buildings and Civil Infrastructures (LIFETIME)  Project start: June 2002 (36 months) Project co-ordinator: VTT Building and Transport, Finland; Partners: Imperial College; Taylor Woodrow Construction Ltd; Centre Scientifique Technique Batiment, France; University of Karlsruhe, Germany    EC Thematic Network GTC1-2001-43046 A Korre, S Durucan
Environmental management of hazardous mining wastes and effluents (ENVIMAN) Project start: September 2000 (36 months) Project co-ordinator: National Technical University of Athens, Greece; Partners: Imperial College; Moscow State Mining University, Russia; ECOTERM, Ukraine; University of Mining and Geology, Bulgaria EC Copernicus Contract ICA2-1999-10072 A Korre, S Durucan
Life cycle assessment of mining projects for waste minimisation and long term control of rehabilitated sites (LICYMIN) Project start: March 2000 (42 months) Project co-ordinator: Imperial College; Partners: National Technical University of Athens, Greece; Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland; KGHM Polska Miedz S.A., Poland; Arcon Mines Limited, Ireland; TVX Hellas S.A., Greece; General Mining and Metallurgical Company S.A., Greece; University of Mining and Geology "Saint Ivan Rilski", Bulgaria; Bakonyi Bauxitbanya Kft, Hungary. (including NAS-LICYMIN Additional contract to integrate Newly Associated States) EC Contract G1RD-CT-2000-00162 A Korre, S Durucan
Combining geostatistical and bayesian methods to improve the scientific basis for the management of Atlantic mackerel fisheries (GBMAF) Project start: January 2000 (38 months) Project co-ordinator: Imperial College; Partners: Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute, Finland; Rural Affairs Department - Marine Laboratory Aberdeen; University of Helsinki, Finland

EC Contract QLK5-CT1999-


A Korre, M McAllister, S Durucan

Research Staff

Dr Shi,JQ

Dr Govindan,R

Dr Nie,Z

Ms Elahi,N


Research Student Supervision

Al Ansari,T, Development of the Energy, Water and Food Nexus Systems Model (PhD award: April 2016)

Andrianopoulos,E, Thermo-mechanical and chemical process modelling of underground coal gasification (PhD research: year 3)

Castro Molinare,J, Sustainability analysis of copper extraction and processing using LCA methods (PhD award: December 2014)

De La Torre Guzman,J, The Development of a Performance Assessment Methodology for CO2 Storage Sites using Dynamic Pressure and Surface Deformation Data (PhD award: 2016)

Dr Ahmed,S, 3D characterisation of groundwater quality parameters around mines and landfill sites (PhD award: September 2001)

Dr Bacci,G, An experimental and numerical investigation into permeability and injectivity changes during CO2 storage in saline aquifers (PhD award: May 2011)

Dr Chane-Kon,L, Wind erosion modelling of stockpiles and embankments (PhD award: February 2004)

Dr Gay,R, A spatially-evaluated quantitative risk assessment for contaminated land (PhD award: September 2005)

Dr Govindan,R, Development of an unsupervised remote sensing methodology to detect surface leakage from terrestrial CO2 storage sites (PhD award: March 2011)

Dr Imrie,CE, Neural network modelling of river water quality (PhD award: April 2000)

Dr Lathouri,M, Assessment of the temporal variability of surface water quality parameters in setting environmental quality standards for metals (PhD award: February 2012)

Dr Mosquera Sanchez,I, Bayesian methods for the estimation of spawning stock biomass from pelagic egg surveys (PhD award: September 2005)

Dr Muñoz-Meléndez,G, Implications of the geochemical properties of clay liners to the natural attenuation of heavy metals in a landfill site (PhD award: April 2000)

Dr Nie,Z, Life cycle modelling of CO2 capture and geological storage in energy production (PhD award: March 2009)

Dr Ramírez-Munoz,P, Geochemical modelling of the surface water environment around active mineral operations (PhD award: February 2011)

Dr Smith,J, A methodology to assess geomechanical failure and the risk of leakage through fractures at CO2 storage sites (PhD award: July 2011)

Dr Wang,M, A spatial statistical methodology to assess the contribution of land use to soil contamination and its influence on human health (PhD award: January 2012)

Dr Wattanawan,A, Modelling sustainable development options for the minerals industry (PhD award: February 2012)

Elahi,N, Multi-period least cost optimisation model of an integrated CO2 capture, transportation and storage infrastructure for the UK (PhD award: January 2015)

Manzoor,S, Environmental fate of amine and amine degradation products - ecological and human health risk assessment (PhD award: March 2016)

Pan,I, A systems engineering approach to financial risk quantification in primary raw materials production (PhD award: October 2015)

Yildirim,B, Unconventional hydrocarbon well stimulation design and control